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  1. I have a very old netbook and need to know how to update android and google play store? If I can't update how would I know what linux will run onmy particular machine? I rather run android for parrticular game apps.
  2. The app is com.android.srv The make is Unecto U51.
  3. I have an Android/Trojan.SMS.Agent.M that will not delete and asks to uninstall a program that uninstalls unsuccessfully and will not delete on it's own. How do I get rid of this malware?
  4. I am having trouble running programs as an administrator from the side menu! What might be the problem? Gmer.log Attach.txt DDS.txt ASCLog-2011-06-09(15-01-27).txt OTL.Txt HiJackFree.log hijackthis.log Extras.Txt quarantine_110628-224836.txt aswMBR.txt RootRepeal report 06-28-11 (18-06-50).txt TDSSKiller. TMRB00003.TXT SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log - 05-21-2011 - 04-16-26.log SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log - 06-14-2011 - 03-39-39.log SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log - 06-16-2011 - 22-01-57.log Report.txt
  5. I noticed a Billeo program from hijack this log file in my computer that seems out of place, should I delete it or what should I do with this problem? I am also doing a general malware check up on my computer!
  6. Yes I have posted on this before but am adding these Sandra reports to see if my hardware is ok! Recently my battery had died after having been in a light drizzle with my laptop in my backpack no water seemed heavily in the backpack but it was moist! I am checking to see if all hardware is ok and not possibly contaminated with water damage. I may take it later to be inspected by a repair shop! I am mostly worried about the condition of the mother board and hard drive! Hard drive seems ok, but I get message 10008 replace hard disk when doing a diagnostic from bios but HD tune and all ot
  7. I need to check the current Hardware to see if any hardware on my laptop has any damage to it, can anyone recommend some good freeware for this checkup! I had recently run into rain problem with my laptop in my back pack and want to run a full diagnostic to make sure all hardware components are working. I want to know if something is not showing up visually to me that might be broken so I can get it replaced! Would I know if some circuits on the mother board were fried, any help in this check up is much appreciated! The back pack was closed it was a light drizzle I ask because
  8. I wanted to know if Shareza was spyware or bundled with spyware and if any of you torrent users out there have ever used this program. I mostly use Forstwire U torrent and Emule.
  9. Found this while running Gmer! ---- Processes - GMER 1.0.15 ---- Process bash.exe (*** hidden *** )
  10. Well could you please look at registry changes in the OTL logs and also look at the hidden process called Bash.exe in the Gmer log.
  11. I am having a problem with I call accessing the internet through my firewall! I also have a problem with the local access numbers friends who call them say the line is always busy! I tried emailing them with no success!
  12. We downloaded Curiolab Exterminate It!

    (File Version: from the following URL:


    but the downloaded "exe." is Malware!

    Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus

    (listed on the following 3 Major Software

    Evaluation Sites):


  13. Every time I dial up I get a strange sound from my computer and when I use traffic compressor my dial up service shuts off without notice, what is wrong?
  14. Some guy I met put a bunch of strange programs on my computer! One program he put had a skull and bones called taskkiller. I did not want him to put this stuff on my computer! I ran Trend Micro House Call and found hacking program running! I am uploading the following reports to make sure all is clean!
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