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  1. Hello, I just did another scan and the problem is fixed. Thanks again Alan
  2. I just ran the scan again and the problem still remains.
  3. Hello. The file InstallUSB64.exe came with the software for a LG phone. I uploaded the file to Jotti and it came back as clean. The file itself lives at C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LG USB Modem Driver (I moved the file to the desktop so it was easier to upload and quicker to be detected) Attached is the log file. mbam_log_2009_01_04__20_13_48_.txt mbam_log_2009_01_04__20_13_48_.txt
  4. Just to add... I have just completed a full system scan with database version 1390 and the problem has now been solved. Thanks for your help! All the best, Alan
  5. Hello Raid. The forum says that I'll put it in a zip file instead. uninstall.zip uninstall.zip
  6. Hello, I believe this is a false positive... I uploaded it to Jotti and it came back clean. The file came from a ship game called ShipSim2006, (I moved the file to the desktop and uploaded from there) the path to the original is C:\Program Files\Vstep\ShipSim2006\uninstall.exe Any thoughts?
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