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  1. Hi Mr C, all done :-) Laptop is running fine and roadtested today. Thanks again, SL mbam.txt
  2. Aye, have done and now running full scan to be sure. Nothing in the Quarantine box after quick scan. Full scan now, will see if Mbam has picked up anything else.
  3. Heres the log file for curiosity from the laptop (attached), glad Ive got my big PC to work from and fix this laptop..phew..ty again Mr C
  4. Thankyou Mr Charlie!!! r-kill worked a treat, running a scan now with Mbam, then will see were it stands once the stuff has been caught and removed, then reboot..fingers crossed!! SL
  5. Just giving this thread a poke as Im at my wits end LOL. Anyway, update..none, nothing will run apart from the damn Security Suite infection and I cant open up task manger to find its process either...clever little crappy software. Anybody with a suggestion apart from full re-install? If I had a hot swap port Id connect the HD up to another working machine with MBAM on it, but I havnt so Im stuck with this All help appreciated. SL
  6. Hi all, hope you are well. I recently bought a laptop but on switching it on, I get what I know are fake reports of malware and virus`s, I have installed MBAM, but the Security Suite maleware stops the process of MBAM. I have tried renaming MBAM to winlogon.exe as 1 thread advised, but still no go. Also tried Process explorer to identify the malware, but even that fails to run. So, to clarify, previos owner used software or clicked something which installed the Security Suite, Mbam wont run, nothing else will run, browser disabled. Does anyone else know of a work around to disable the Securit
  7. Hi and thankyou for both replies, Im actually using my big PC to use the forum as the laptop is unable to access the net at all..safe or otherwise due to the malware on it. I have installed Malwarebytes but im unable to run it as the malware throws a fit and denies me to run any program it deems as "A virus or a threat" Ironic huh?...Anyway, will hit up the experts and see if they can help. Thanks again, SL
  8. Hello all , new here, firstly, sorry if this is posted incorrectly I bought a secondhand laptop today, ran fine untill I left it plugged infor a few minutes. I came back to find a screen full of "several fake or false antivirus reports" I have installed Malwarebytes, but am 1) unable to access the net with the machine 2) run Malwarebytes to remove the nasty things that are on the laptop. Help please, im into territory I dont know how to fix
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