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  1. McAfee actually do have a free Cloud AV (Google it) - AV only - no firewall or browser protection. From what they've told me when I used to Moderate there, the major software suites are lightening up as they now, after an initial full scan, only check something when it's used. A scan will only look for newly used items and in each instance it checks with a Cloud database. As per that link you posted earlier, I've added exceptions in MBAM, McAfee and Windows Defender. All is well. Thanks
  2. Thanks. That always used to be the case but MBAM Pro advertises itself as: ...which sort of threw me off balance as they've never stated that before.
  3. I am a long-time McAfee software fan, as well as a fan of MBAM Pro, and am currently using their latest LiveSafe software. I read your FAQ's saying how MBAM works differently from a regular signature-based AV, so does that mean the two can run alongside or not? BTW McAfee are switching to a new LAM or partly Cloud-based system.
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