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  1. Thanks for the replies. I realize support is the best place to fix this. So I will await their full response. I tried setting up a new account and it must recognized my name as it first said there was no such account, & to create a new one. But when I went to do that it said account already exists. I'll wait patiently for their response, thanks again.
  2. I've been locked out, I have tried so many times. I have Malwarebytes Premium (I believe it's a lifetime license for several devices), I have the License ID and Key numbers but no matter what I do I can't get in. I can't even retrieve a forgotten password as my email address changed since buying it and those reset emails go into a thin air as far as I know. That's my quandary. I sent an email to support but thus fare haven't heard back apart from an auto-response.
  3. McAfee actually do have a free Cloud AV (Google it) - AV only - no firewall or browser protection. From what they've told me when I used to Moderate there, the major software suites are lightening up as they now, after an initial full scan, only check something when it's used. A scan will only look for newly used items and in each instance it checks with a Cloud database. As per that link you posted earlier, I've added exceptions in MBAM, McAfee and Windows Defender. All is well. Thanks
  4. Thanks. That always used to be the case but MBAM Pro advertises itself as: ...which sort of threw me off balance as they've never stated that before.
  5. I am a long-time McAfee software fan, as well as a fan of MBAM Pro, and am currently using their latest LiveSafe software. I read your FAQ's saying how MBAM works differently from a regular signature-based AV, so does that mean the two can run alongside or not? BTW McAfee are switching to a new LAM or partly Cloud-based system.
  6. P.S. I t would be nice if we could go back and edit out spelling errors.....where's the Edit button?
  7. OK I haven't forgotten you guys. No indcidents of note since I turned on the self-protection. Do you still want me to to do the above?
  8. Well I just very gingerly enabled self-protection (both boxes) and nothing has happened, so maybe it was a case of bad timing and it possibly clashed with something else? If you really do want me to go through that again I will but McAfee Forums, where I admin, have just upgraded their board and chaos reigns supreme as half of what worked before no longer exists.....am run ragged at the mo. Tell me if you reallly would prefer I go ahead and do it and maybe later or in the morning I will.
  9. By the way, I remembered the old Technet trick to get details to show in Propertis.....disable or enable view hidden/system files, depending on what they are set to at that time, log off and back on again and presto!
  10. Sorry I didn't realise you actually wanted them Let's hope this attachment works. EV.zip
  11. OK here goes trying the other way and note that I do not like using online storage but this is courtesy of Photobucket
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