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  1. I am running the pro version. I have activated protection in the sofware and the service stops itself when I logout from the server or doesn't start if I reboot it. It is set in automatic mode. When I start it manually it works and if I lock the session (instead of logout) it doesn't stop. I have installed it on several Windows XP Workstation and I have not this problem. And yes, my licences are up to date, I have bought 4 licences to install Malwarebute' on all my PC. I can't make any test now because I have leave home for 1 month cause of job, but I would be happy to have a idea of what to do. Thanks for your help Daniel
  2. Hello, I have installed Malwarebytes' (1.30 version) on several XP workstations (SP3 up to date). On one workstation, I have a dialog box telling me that it can't update itself and that I have to check my Internet connection. When I right click on the icon and choose update, all works fine. Does someone has the solution ? Thanks for your help Daniel
  3. Hello, I have installed Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware on a server and XP workstations. On the server, the service stops itself (seems it stops when I logout but not sure). I can restart it manually. The server is a Windows 2003 server with avira and is up to date. What is the problem ? Thanks for your help Daniel
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