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  1. Hello Can you confirm pix.toile-libre.org is a false positive and it it is, could you fix it, please, thanks
  2. Hello Mark Thks a lot, il worked perfectly The program must be closed to modify exclusions.dat A bug : the system asks for authorization when you try to close the program, even if real time protection is desactivated
  3. Hi Aura Yes currently I have Malwarebytes I thought it would be automatically uninstalled by the new install Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017. Windows firewall (Windows 10)
  4. Hello after language choice, I have an error cf screenshot in attachment Can you help me please, thks
  5. Thks but I didn't need to do all these things and my version is the most recent. I have just updated the base and now it is analysing.
  6. Hello In spite of updating the program, updating the base is impossible Cf screenshot Thks for helping
  7. Fixed for me (due to old firewall NIS 2006) Should be verified first. Thks
  8. The impossible update was due to the firewall Norton IS 2006 installed in this machine. Il desactived it and the update ran correctly.
  9. Hello I reinitialized the router ("box") in order to correct an hypothetical DNS error. I reinstalled malwarebytes with your method. The error MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12150,0,Winhttp Query Headers) when trying to update the base still remains. What should I do please ?
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