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  1. Same! Helps to see it isn't just me. Began early this morning, Pacific time. Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) here; it's a tablet by Fusion5, 10.6" model with a 2GB quad processor. Did the uninstall/reinstall routine. That did not help. I thought it might be related to having a USB storage device attached. (It was an SD card from a camera., inserted in an auxiliary card reader.) So far this morning, without the card reader and card attached to the tablet, I have been able able to get the reinstall going. It performed a full scan. All seems OK at the moment.
  2. Thumbs up on the new UI - the colors, the logo, etc., especially the desktop shortcut. Much better represents the excellence of what's under the hood. I really was repelled by the former blood red design. I had the same [minor, for me] IE-defaulting gripe as user Buddel but can understand the reasoning offered in the reply by Samuel E Lindsey, Product Manager; modification can wait. Regarding FileASSASSIN: I always have had the portable standalone version anyway! Hardly ever have had to use it, thankfully, but it's truly no inconvenience not to have a duplicate module inside of Malwarebytes. N
  3. Just clarifying - simple is fine. It's the MWB banner across the top that is oppressive/clunky and looks like the Age of Win98. Even merely replacing this one element with something updated and sleek (e.g. something that looks like it belongs with the very nice, blue-themed MWB website, the logos on which do not resemble the banner at all) would shut me up! Being user-skinnable is not as high a priority. Thanks for 'listening.'
  4. I use and appreciate the free version (1.46) every week. Looking today at the main website I found a beautiful, sleek graphic design with a spiffy color scheme. This forum looks nice too. Could we have the software UI itself look as good? Sorry to be so blunt - and tastes vary of course - but as is, Malwarebytes' appearance is archaic and fugly. Maybe not just a facelift for the next version - is one imminent?? - but the ability to choose from several skins would be worthwhile. Agreed, this is not an issue of good functioning. But presentation does count for something. Thanks, from a retired g
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