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  1. Simple fix uninstall McAfee get Avira.

    Thanks but seeing that at the moment McAfee is provided by my Internet Provider Free of Charge, and compared to what I have used before,(I know there are better Free programs Ie: Avast) it doesn't seem to bad.... just this issue with MWB


  2. Hi there, I have just had the same issue, that is why I joined this forum.. I have been running Malwarebytes for a few months now. Since I started using McAfee this has been an issue, usually after McAfee has done a scan.

    This morning I tried to run Malwarebytes, no show. Uninstalled and downloaded again, but when coming to install, McAfee blocked, saying it was a Trojan. So I stopped the install. I went to 'WhatTheTech' to make sure I had a legit download of Malwarebytes, started install again, McAfee blocked as a Trojan, I had to ignore the info (not really what I wanted as I have had major issues with virus's).

    Is this able to be fixed?? as in McAfee being notified??

    Many cheers for your help.

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