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  1. Ok so just to be clear the version that i'm currently running is known to cause the symptoms i described and kill the internet connection yes?
  2. Okay see if this sounds familiar to anyone i'm running windows 10 pro on an old computer the last few days I have been getting little globe notification saying that I have no internet So i'm in a panic that my old computer is finally dying... i try reinstalling network drivers and everything i can think of... so it ran for a few hours then happened again no internet still thinking it's hardware but not knowing what to do cause i can't afford a new system then i come here & see this right now web protection is turned off tell me something is this the version with the issue?
  3. that would be funny but I don't think they would do that but i'm still waiting on my support ticket fix
  4. Oh i'm not planning on it if I did it would make it difficult if support asked me to do something. I was just curious if that would even work
  5. Something tells me we might be waiting longer then tomorrow for an email reply... they are probably getting a lot of emails I wonder if going back to the previous version will allow license activation....
  6. Well I have the receipt from 2008 as proof purchase should I wait for them to respond or just go ahead and send the additional request to fix the My.Malwarebytes.com account issue as well?
  7. Actually yes i did try and when I try adding it to the account manually I get a "The product key you are trying to use is already registered." I have no idea what email I was using in 2008 but I thought I'd bring that up to support whenever they solve this issue I'd have them solve this one as well
  8. When I bought my license in 2008 there was no My.Malwarebytes.com but yes I have an account there now but when I go there and login there are no devices or purchases shown.. so no devices to deactivate ... Another thing I need to have them look into. But right now this is the more pressing issue so I await a response from support.
  9. I purchased a lifetime license in 2008 and ever since upgrading to 3.83 my key wont activate when i go to My account located at https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login there's nothing there I assume that's because my license in 11 years.. back then there never was a my account I have sent an email to support asking to deactivate any devices so i can activate on my computer included my invoice date and invoice number but it being the 4th of July... I doubt I'll hear back any time soon
  10. I just checked for an application update and Malware Bytes updated the component package version is now 1.0519, update package version is now 1.0.8728 Does that mean it's safe to turn on Web protection... the system lockups should be fixed?
  11. it's cool.. I didn't mean to come across as rude or anything.. if I did it was unintentional
  12. My Malwarebytes just updated to what was the problem component update right now I have Web protection turned off... is it ok to turn web protection back on are the lock ups and hard freezes fixed?
  13. the version i'm currently running Version Component Package 1.0.482 Update package 1.0.8235 with no update available The version that had the issues : Component Package 1.0.508 Update Package 1.0.8203
  14. Yes the mouse freezes as well No to the other two questions I was going to install the application update just now and disable web protection before it had a chance to freeze see if it still froze. But it did not find the update I assume the update has been pulled while you solve this case. Since downgrading to the version without the update .. no freezes or lock ups
  15. Nope was running MS essentials for a time but no longer just Malwarebytes by itself at the moment
  16. I don't have Avast installed but I wonder if this has to do my issue I mentioned in my previous post hmm
  17. Well I have been running Malwarebytes 2008 and I have never had UAC turned on it's one of the first things I turn off cause it gets in the way However I am willing to reinstall and turn it on but I can't do it right now the computer is a family computer and if it locks up again over the weekend they will kill me! However it does look like you have other reports of this issue so it's not just me.. so that's a plus
  18. I no longer have that version installed as I said I downgraded to the previous version but here is your zip mbst-grab-results.zip
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