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  1. Ah great, I was just a little nervous. Thanks very much for the quick reply.
  2. Hi there, I was just a little concerned and wanted to double check something. I'm using Malwarebytes free edition and was about to run a manual scan. When I pushed update and it prompted to install the updated version, 4.1.2. I haven't used it for a few weeks and I notice from the forums that this update has indeed been released in that time. What worried me a bit was when it updated it prompted for a restart of the application, then when I accepted restarted and ran through the install process similar to when I first installed it (i.e asked for elevation at the start, asked if I wanted the standard/custom install etc.) Might be silly and I apologise if so, but I just wanted to double check that this is intended behaviour with this update and not something gone awry with my PC or some kind of fake update or whatever. I'm using Windows 10. Thanks in advance!
  3. Oh! I see. Thank you very much. I was a little concerned as I read a thread saying it should always elevate, but perhaps that was only in V2 before the way the service escalates things was put in. There is one more little thing I wanted to ask actually, as you asked and I was curious so I thought I would take you up on it (sorry :D.) When Malwarebytes v3 first started after installation tonight the title of the windows was 'Malwarebytes undefined'. It turned out my firewall was blocking one of the required files to access the update/license server however, and after allowing that through it was able to contact the license server I guess, and the title changed to correctly showing as the free version. This wouldn't have caused any issues though right? I can enable the trial from the settings now that it has gone through, I just heard someone complaining that it started as the trial premium version by default so I thought I'd ask to see if I should reinstall before doing so. It's just a minor question I know, but I figured I'd mention it in passing. Thanks again.
  4. Hello there, just a quick question about something a little odd. I used MBAM v3 a long time ago but went back to v2 after some issues. I just reinstalled v3 tonight and remembered one aspect which I found a little odd back then: UAC doesn't get triggered when I open MBAM (when it is not open at all.) It gets triggered when closing via the systray, but never on opening. It is supposed to ask for elevation right? v2 did for the entirety of the time I used it. Could my installation be corrupt in some way? This is an issue which persisted when I installed v3 when it first came out, so maybe it's something to do with my configuration? Thanks!
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