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  1. It's happened with a few of their blogs for me. I know one is their Aston Villa soccer blog http://www.7500toholte.com. It's happened with a few of their college football blogs too (http://www.sippinonpurple.com, for example). It doesn't always happen, but I've seen the Malwarebytes IP Block window come up 5-10 times when visiting SBNation sites, and it's always the IP being blocked. That said, I've had this IP blocked when going to other sites as well, so perhaps this is a problem on my end with some malware remnant that I need to take care of and not an issue on their end.
  2. I've noticed that occasionally, when I visit one of the blogs associated with SBNation (a pretty popular host of a wide variety of sports blogs), I get a notice from MalwareBytes that it's blocking an IP address. Specifically, it seems to show as the address being blocked. Is this a false positive, or is there something wrong here I should be concerned with?
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