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  1. My web page comes up as a scam page and I tried on some other .ws sites with the same message. I could not afford a $5000 .com name and .ws is cheap with a lot of good names out there.
  2. So how well will this play with Ublock Orgin? Any issues? What about adding to customers computers knowing that it is beta?
  3. I have multiple keys, too many to find which key I had in this system.
  4. It is a paid version and one day I started getting this error. I have since put in another id/key because I wanted the live protection. I guess I am wondering if the key could have been removed by an other program or the key was damaged.
  5. Malwarebytes will not automatically start start now either only manually. I did a reinstall and that didn't make a difference either.
  6. Hello Marv, I run a small computer repair store and for the last 2 years have been installing Malwarebytes with many different free anti-viruses and it works with all of them. We don't know the spec of your computer, (cpu speed & memory) but it is best to put this info in your post so people have a better idea of how much your system can handle. Norton over the years is getting better all the time (using less resources) but I am not a fan of their software and have actually never paid for a anti-virus. I repair about a 100 systems a month and I can tell you that 60% or more that come in
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