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  1. I apologize ahead of time if this isn't totally related. Using the latest Malwarebytes premium with anti exploit enabled. I have the same question as cutting_edge about what programs are "protected" but not listed in the anti exploit module. Malwarebytes premium doesn't have the notification system for its exploit module as anti exploit standalone so it is hard to tell. Is there a log I can look at to see what it is protecting?
  2. I am trying to add additional processes for the anti exploit module. Many exe spawn additional processes and I am wondering how I should add them manually or if I need to at all. For example Firefox is already added and I assume that add plugin container.exe that spawns from Firefox. EMET requires manually adding the secondary processes. Now I want to add Thunderbird to the anti exploit list which also has plugin container.exe. Do I need to manually add plugin container.exe along with the Thunderbird.exe to be properly protected? There are other programs that spawn secondary processes so I would like a conclusive answer.
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