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  1. I see that AdblockPlus has a list for tracking protection, which is also something I can use as an extension with my browser (at the moment, Vivaldi). Is there any reason to use one over the other? My primary concern would be whatever might slow my computer down. Would either of these be lighter on my system than the other?
  2. How can I contact MWB support?

    I sent my original email through the support section of the MWB website.
  3. I just set up a new laptop running Windows 10, and I was told by the installation of MWB that my serial key is no good. I emailed mwb support, to read that I had purchased this code from an unauthorized reseller, and that it was not good any more. I would like to see if I can communicate with someone else in this organization. My code has been good, and I have never had a single problem activating my subscription (a lifetime subscription) before, any time I have set up a new laptop. Can someone PM me another way to communicate with MWB?