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  1. I see that AdblockPlus has a list for tracking protection, which is also something I can use as an extension with my browser (at the moment, Vivaldi). Is there any reason to use one over the other? My primary concern would be whatever might slow my computer down. Would either of these be lighter on my system than the other?
  2. I sent my original email through the support section of the MWB website.
  3. I just set up a new laptop running Windows 10, and I was told by the installation of MWB that my serial key is no good. I emailed mwb support, to read that I had purchased this code from an unauthorized reseller, and that it was not good any more. I would like to see if I can communicate with someone else in this organization. My code has been good, and I have never had a single problem activating my subscription (a lifetime subscription) before, any time I have set up a new laptop. Can someone PM me another way to communicate with MWB?
  4. I know that in the Windows PC forum, there is an uninstaller for the current version of MWB. Id like to uninstall MWB mobile and then reinstall it. Almost every time I open up the program, I see nothing but the splash screen (Malwarebytes Anti Malware mobile are the only words on it) for at least 30 seconds if not longer. In fact, just now, the app asked if I was willing to send crash data, b/c the app had found data from earlier crashes. I just installed it today, and Id like to get a fresh start. Should I just uninstall it with Android, or is there a special uninstaller for this, before I reinstall?
  5. Thats helpful to know. Im finding it tough to actually close out apps. I might just use MWB to do this. Thanks for your replies. I will stick with MWB mobile as my only security app. I also have Googles own Device Manager that can allow me to locate and lock my device if it is lost, stolen, so I dont need that stuff.
  6. Hey I really like the permisssions "privacy manager" part. That is cool. Through the MWB mobile, I saw that my old fashioned telephone ringtone has a ton of privacy violations. One other thing. I see a "Force Stop" option in the privacy manager tool. Does this mean that MWB will stop that app only from engaging in that particular activity? Or does it disable the app altogether?
  7. I found out where the Unknown Sources option was. It is unchecked, and it was unchecked by default, so that was good.
  8. I was happy to see MWB has an Android offering. Of course Ill install that one. I read this sticky: My take from paragraphs 3 and 4 is that MWB mobile is NOT designed to be the only malware app, but that other av apps and MWB mobile are going to be catching the same malware, although this might change in the future. So at the moment, I dont need another malware app? I dont use this is a work tool, so I can live with installing only from Google Play. Oh one other thing--I read about greying out or unchecking something about untrusted sources (to download apps from). How do I do that?