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  1. This is not for me, rather for someone who is using the free version. I want to be sure I'm offering correct advice. I know the free version offers no real time protection and you do have to manually remember to scan. Does the free version update the database or is that something the user must also do?
  2. Thanks for answering my questions. First I'll wait and see if I can remove reports that are more than a month old.
  3. Of three Windows 7 computers (two 64bit Home and the other 32 bit Home), I am unable to remove scan reports since Saturday. The other computer (Win 7 Pro 32 bit) doesn't get turned on very often so I haven't checked that one yet. At least the issue of the inability to open Malwarebytes was fixed with an update on Saturday or Sunday. I can't run the system tools because .NET 4 is not installed on three of four Windows 7 computers. At this time, I'm unwilling to install it and all the updates to otherwise functioning Windows 7 computers. 1. How do I disable self-protection so I can rem
  4. I wanted to finish off this thread. I hate when you never know what happened because the original poster never returns. Finally this week my husband's two computers were offered the latest version of MBAM. I let the upgrade install and both Premium lifetime licenses went through with no problem. So, now all four Windows 7 computers in our home are running their individual lifetime licenses. The only computer with the problem was one in which I searched for the latest version. In the future, I will wait until it is offered and see if that makes a difference. Thanks fo
  5. That's why I showed up here. I wanted to determine if this was legitimate. Thanks for letting us know that this might be ongoing behavior in MBAM. I showed my husband the screen so when he gets one on his computer he won't think something is wrong and ask me to look at his computer.
  6. Yesterday, 1 laptop updated with no problem. Today I finally squared away my desktop. One of the licenses is on an XP computer which I rarely fire up. When I do, I only update the database and scan because it is running the last version that has support for XP. So 3 of the 5 are good. My husband has a laptop and a desktop so I'll wait to see what happens when the 3.8.3 version is offered. Bottom line: I won't know how 2 computers will react. Since they don't have .NET 4, I won't be able to run the support tool on them. I'll try the deactivate FIRST.
  7. I went back to the My Support page and again selected deactivate. There was a dropdown arrow for devices. It showed one desktop, which is where this license is on. I selected to deactivate it. I read the various popup boxes then it said the license was available for 1 device. I fired up MBAM, pressed the activate button (the ID and license were still filled in from me trying earlier) and it activated. Phew. If my other two give me problems, I'll try that support page first. **** You might also consider having available an older support tool that doesn't r
  8. As I mentioned before, the support tool fails to run. It requires NET 4. This is what I get
  9. I have 5 lifetime licenses and each is specifically for 1 computer. I have 5 different Licenses and 5 different IDs or keys, whatever they are called. I'm now off to see if I can run that cleanup tool.
  10. I use MS Security Essentials and have for years with MBAM.
  11. I scanned with malwarebytes. I did a cold boot. The trial is now down to a free version and I have no protection. I'm still getting the installation_token not found error when I try to activate the copy that worked fine this morning. Why did I try to update??? I won't make that mistake again. Since I can't use the support tool I guess I', out of options at this point.
  12. I can't use the support tool. This Windows 7 computer doesn't have .NET 4 and I'm not willing to install it and then years of patches for the few remaining months of Win 7 support. I sure hope I don't have these issues on the two remaining Windows 7 computers without .NET 4 and have not be offered v 3.8.3 yet. I may just wait and wait to install it until the lifetime license issue is corrected.
  13. What is my next step? Download again and try to activate?
  14. Deactivation now presents me with this problem.
  15. I've been going around in circles for a few hours. I created a My Account put in my info (my lifetime license is installed on exactly 1 computer). It says 0 of 1. and confirms it is a lifetime license. I downloaded what it wanted me to, installed clicked the blue activate button. The malwarebyte assistant never comes up, it fails to activate and I try to do it manually which also fails. I must have done this at least half a dozen times. When does it actually work?
  16. I too lost my lifetime license. After discovering the support tool requires .NET 4, which I don't have installed on three of the four Windows 7 computers in the house, it seems I can't use that either. I thought, I'll restore an image from June 17, 2019 to go back to the previous 3.7.1 version which worked perfectly a few hours ago. That didn't work either. I'm now back at 3.7.1 but it is listed as a trial version. So now I have to find an email address to open a support ticket. I also have to search to see what email address was registered with this license.
  17. I downloaded the tool but can't run it. I don't have NET 4 installed on three of the four computers in the house and I've no desire to install it on them. You can remove this topic since I won't be able to get assistance with my problem.
  18. Background: 4 Windows 7 computers running 4 lifetime licenses mbam v 3.5.1 two computers are 32 bit (one Home, one Pro), two computers are 64 bit (both Home) all computers are running the 32 bit version of Palemoon currently v 27 but tested v 28 portable on the four computers. My problem is with v 28 on the two 32 bit computers. It will not start unless I turn off exploit protection in mbam. Once I do that, I can fire up the browser and turn on exploit protection and everything works. I tried adding an exclusion to mbam but that did nothing. Is there some
  19. Three computers here with the same problem. All are running Windows 7 Home Premium, all are running 3.3.1 with a lifetime license. I got my first ever low memory box and now I know why he computers are freezing.
  20. Thanks for looking into this. The pricing did not change for me (Win 7 Palemoon) nor my friend (Win 7 FF ESR). Today I tried both browsers and it showed the same wrong price but then in Palemoon, I allowed Cleverbridge in noscript and got this. Perhaps I should have tweaked noscript yesterday. Lots run noscript or turn off javascript and might not get to the correct price.
  21. I had a friend look at the program and said, Malwarebytes v 3 Premium costs $39.99 per month. I said, no that's not right. I went to the website for pricing https://store.malwarebytes.com/342/purl-consumer?x-source=website&tracking=quantummetric please look at the first two boxes. They do say per month rather than per year. I think more people look at the large boxes than look at the small sentences at the top.
  22. I'm back to Thank you again for pointing out the obvious - the box I never looked at! Malwarebytes updated itself this morning. The first time it has done that in a very, very long time. One less problem to solve.
  23. Since I can't edit my post, I see you are referring to the very first box. I haven't changed that and that is exactly where the change needs to be made. Thanks for calling my attention to a spot I was not looking at! I'm off to fix it now!
  24. Yup. Numerous times. The very latest was today when I deleted the "old" schedule and clicked add for a new one. I'm not seeing any option to replace the word day with hour as the XP version shows. My only choices are the numbers.
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