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  1. Hi, Winamp 5.8 download is blocked by Malwarebytes Browser GuardMalwarebytes Winamp's official website Download link Is this a false positive? Thank you
  2. Hello @AdvancedSetup Malwarebytes is now functioning normally. Malware protection is activated, scans run through to the end. No more slowing down or blocking. Thanks to the development team for solving this problem, @+
  3. Hello AdvancedSetup Thanks for the update. I will test this new version and I will indicate the results @+
  4. Hello, @AdvancedSetup Thank you for the Beta update. Unfortunately this doesn't change anything for my Windows 10: - malware protection must remain disabled, otherwise my system is unusable - the analysis does not finalize, always remains blocked on "File system" I'm going to stay on the Beta Channel for now. Thanks,
  5. Hello, Thank you for your answer, It is not my practice to downgrade to an earlier version, as an Insider I am used to the malfunctions that can occur with applications or the system. I have stabilized my Windows 10 by disabling malware protection (I am a very careful user), the other protections are enabled and I do some manual scans, even if they are not finalized, the system is still checked. I don't have time to do a new installation of Windows, I will wait for the situation to change for Malwarebytes. Please keep me informed if a solution is found for this type of problem. @+
  6. Hello, @AdvancedSetup I followed the procedure step by step, the dump file was loaded via the indicated link Thanks,
  7. Hello, @AdvancedSetup So my problem persists. As soon as the malware protection is activated, the system becomes unusable. Strong slowdown, applications are difficult to open after several minutes, so are browser pages. I also launched a threat analysis that was blocked on "Check for updates". I followed the steps of the procedure indicated in this message step by step. No dump file were generated. Attached are the requested logs. Thanks, mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. @Maurice Naggar There, it's done. Malware Protection is also activated, I'll see how it looks in an hour or two. @+
  9. Hi, @AdvancedSetup Thanks for the follow-up. I hope to be able to do the tests requested this afternoon. In fact, on my PC, there are two problems with Malwarebytes: 1- If Malware protection is enabled, the system is very slow, applications take several minutes to open, including Malwarebytes, pages in a browser are difficult to open, most often on a black page. Other protections (Web, Anti-ransomware and exploits) do not pose any problem when they are activated. 2- No analysis is completed, neither manual nor planned: - a threat analysis blocks and runs indefinitely on the "File System Analysis" part - a quick scan blocks and runs indefinitely on the "Check for updates" part These 2 folders have been excluded, but this has not changed Malwarebytes' behavior. Thanks, @+
  10. Hello, Thank you for the answer. I will not bore the team on this Thanksgiving Weekend I apply the procedure indicated at the beginning of next week and post the result. Thanks and have a nice week end, @+
  11. I followed all the instructions for a minimal restart (clean boot) (with Malwarebytes Service left enabled/checked) and the problem is still there. Thank you,
  12. Hi, When Malware and PUP protection is enabled, nothing works normally anymore, neither Firefox (opening the browser or a very long tab), nor any other browser. Windows is slowed down, applications take several minutes to open (Malwarebytes, Skype, Snagit, OneNote, Word, etc.) Yes, even when Malware and PUP protection is disabled Schedule Threat Scan blocks on system files Schedule Quick Scan blocks on the search for updates I do it by following and I post the answer I replied and sent the dump file Thank You,
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