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  1. chantal11

    Edge Extension?

    Hi, It's good news. Thank you, @+
  2. chantal11

    Edge Extension?

    Hi, Is the Malwarebytes extension for Edge also planned? @+
  3. chantal11

    v1.0.20 blocking all file downloads

    yes, that's what I also noticed It's curious ! That's why I posted the capture I took. Only Firefox was updated yesterday to version 60.0
  4. chantal11

    v1.0.20 blocking all file downloads

    Hi, I tried to download yesterday the latest Malwarebytes version from the link that was indicated in the announcement https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/web/mb3-setup-consumer/mb3-setup-consumer- No problem today to download the file. Firefox 60.0 64 bits Windows 10 - version 1803 @+
  5. chantal11

    v1.0.20 blocking all file downloads

    Hi, I confirm for Malwarebytes 3.5.1 @+
  6. chantal11

    New version 10.1.13

    Sorry ..... the new version 10.1.15 has just been installed and the extension now works normally !
  7. chantal11

    New version 10.1.13

    Hi, In fact, my extension does not work at all. Firefox 59.0.2 (64bits) Windows 10 version 1709 - 16299.371 But Chrome extension works well. @+
  8. chantal11

    New version 10.1.13

    Hi, Since version 10.1.13 the extension Malwarebytes for Firefox no longer filters ads as before. I uninstalled the extension and reinstalled, but the ads are still not blocked, whereas before they did not appear. @+
  9. chantal11

    Support Asus

    Hi, Extension must be disabled to view available downloads on an Asus support page Example for my Asus laptop: With the extension enabled: With the extension disabled: The problem is the same under Chrome Thanks,

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