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  1. Us too. Malwarebytes support had me upgrade to the latest version of the console and managed client, but no luck. Seems to work fine as long as we don't do scheduled scans, so I have changed those to run overnight instead of during the day.
  2. Your Enterprise Final Solution is something we'd consider here if we weren't paying for this product (and support, which so far has been nonexistant)...
  3. My users are having this issue too. SCEP exemptions have been added and real-time scanning turned back on, but during MBAM scans their computer locks up on them. It's been like two weeks now, hasn't it? What's the latest on a permanent fix?
  4. I'm having this problem too. Did you have any luck resolving it?
  5. Never mind. It was a rootkit, and TSSKiller took care of it. Thanks! :-)
  6. Hello, I've searched these forums for how to fix an infection that causes Google and other search engines to redirect, but everything seems to be very situation-specific. If someone here could help me out, I'd appreciate it. I'm using Windows XP. As I said, search engines are redirecting links to various advertising sites. It seems to be at random. I'm also unable to get to the Microsoft Update page -- it says the site can't be found, or something like that. Microsoft.com is fine, though. I WAS unable to update Malwarebytes, but I installed the newest version from a thumb drive, ran a scan, and it caught whatever caused that problem. Now mbam is able to update itself. The latest scan turned up nothing, but I'm still having the redirect problem. Any help would be great. Thank you all so much.
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