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  1. Some web posts suggest that the Sodinokibi ramsomware uses PowerShell to infect. I was told that Malwarebytes whitelists PowerShell. Does Malwarebytes detect and block the sodinokibi ransomware if it uses poweshell to infect?
  2. uninstalled it, reboot, reinstalled MBARW. All ok for now. It is running again.
  3. Same here. Installed MBAR on new Win 10 laptop last night. Was working fine. This morning, turned on laptop. MBAR is turned off and cannot turn it on.
  4. I am also experiencing this on Win 10 Pro.
  5. Just installed MBAM purchased on a client's laptop. Scan shows nothing. But MBAM keeps indicating it is blocking access to various web sites with these IP addresswes:,,,, How to find the source of these connections requests and terminate it? Thanks, John
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