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  1. Blacklisted Activation code 

    Support Ticket 2697502 sent Aug 27,2019

    Purchase of malwarebytes made October 22 2008 from cleaverbridge lifetime activation.
    This is happening far to often. It seems every time I update windows 10 not long after my 
    activation code is shut down and malwarebytes reverts back to the free edition.
    Did delete and tried to activate though my account but no luck. If my code has been 
    hacked the please issue me a new activation code so these shutdowns don't happen. 
    A little disgruntled with this program that this is happening so often.

    Looking at the forums it seem that most of the problems are with the lifetime users.


  2. try this: Open Taskbar and Start menu from the control panel.Click on customize. Opposite Superantispyware icon

    left click to open dropdown. Change to always hide. Click okay. Apply the exit.

    Correction to my post. Should have said "opposite Malwarebytes icon" not as first posted.

    If, as exile360 posts, and you are a Corporate customer follow his reply and disreguard mine.

  3. Kies stated as Trojan Agent.txt

    Hello, please follow the instructions below for posting false\positive results:


    This is not being detected by a scan but by the Malwarebytes protection module ( paid for version) when I try to open Kies. Did a compete scan and it does not find Kies as a Trojan Agent only when I try to open the program (Kies)does the protection moldule display.

    Attached is the log and as you can see I allowed Kies to open.

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