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  1. as i stated, i did attempt to clear Temporary Internet Files, but i did not use CCleaner to do it.
  2. Even a quick scan consumes 35 minutes for only 55 GB. what files can i safely "ignore" ? the biggest culprit is /temporary internet files -- can i safely ignore C:\Documents and Settings\nw\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files, or is there a chance that an infected file might hide in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files ? i deleted Temporary Internet Files -- Internet Options::Delete Browsing History::Temporary Internet Files -- but the MBAM scan still recognized it, and scanned it as though i had not deleted it !
  3. avast scanned only "operating memory"; it yielded these seven "infecteds" (see attached). i mention that avast would not allow me to move these to chest. likely nothing to worry about -- i merely mention it and ask an mbam tech to explain.
  4. [this was not supposed to have posted yet: i hadn't completed it!] this question http://forums.malwar...=1 from a different perspective ... i would have expected that the following questions would be next-questions, but i don't see them having been asked. where are new infections -- less than 72 hours; less than 30 minutes -- likely to hide? some files, such as "temporary internet files," tie up an inordinate portion of the scan -- can i safely add the 'temporary internet files' folder to the 'ignore list' - do infections usually lurk there? what folders should i configure the scan to ignore so as to effect a reduction of scan time ?
  5. a slight perspective change from http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=106183&st=0&p=527089&hl=ignore%20list&fromsearch=1entry527089 --i would have the following questions to be next-questions, but i don't see them having been asked.
  6. related to http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=107845 , i ask how to configure mbam to ignore the incoming and outgoing messages of avast and uTorrent. relatedly(?), i came across what appeared to be a relevant configuration option: action for p2p software, under the Settings tab of the Scanner / Main Menu window; mbam offers three options: do not show in results list show in results list and check for removal show in results list and do not check for removal if this p2p-results list is relevant, then please define 'results list,' and what are the consequences (indeed, what is the meaning?) of showing "it," and not showng "it," in the "results list" ?
  7. you might find thgese 2 links relevant .. i am the poster "nweissma" btw .. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=96132.msg767865#msg767865 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=649876#p649876
  8. along the same lines(?), mbam is blocking nearly everything related to torrents, incoming and outgoing. this started with mbam's paid full version; i had no trouble with malware from any aspect of torrent culturte while using mbam's free version. i don't see how to configure mbam to allow these torrent-related url's; the torrent content is adequately monitored by the torrent software (u-torrrent) and by avast, which performs flawlessly.
  9. a recent mbam full scan missed 16 trojans and exploits -- classified as "severe" by safety.live.com -- all in the same subfolder. i suggest that mbam offer at least 2 depths of scan -- "quick" versus "thorough" the thorough setting would be especially useful for the windows explorer shell menu because i would know, from other sources, where the infection is.
  10. MBAM real-time recently blocked a certain site, identifying it as malicious. i contacted them about it and this is their response:
  11. Regrets if this is post is in the wrong forum. MBAM has identified IP as malicious. I am told by the "maintainer" of that this IP serves only 2 clients: www.nylug.org == new York Linux users group; and thegleasons.org == an Irish organization. This maintainer, a member of nylug, claims that neither of these clients is harboring malware, and that MBAM is comprehensively wrong. And he's pissed about it. Comment please.
  12. if the MBAM protocol is not geared to a freeware compendium then i respect that -- "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."
  13. please recommend imaging software, and also a high-power alternative to Windows Explorer. In fact, perhaps we can begin a freeware list for Windows.
  14. Just wondering whether the performance of the paid version of MBAM will differ when using a 64-bit OS and/or quad-core versus the 32-bit DualCore platform on which it is running now.
  15. if i temporarily stop MBAM (real-time version) because i need maximum ram for an application (say, imaging my hdd), will MBAM remain resident in ram? if yes, then can i delete it from ram temporarily -- or will this be more trouble than it's worth?
  16. apologies if this question has been asked before -- the search results were overwhelming. Installing a P2P client. Usual dilemma: P2P program wants to unblock ports, MS urges against it. MS's philosophy is that it is safer to open an exception for this program rather than open the port, arguing that if i open the port then the port remains open always, even if the P2P program is not running. Please offer a strategy, and an explanation to support it.
  17. i want to visit a site that i am certain is innocuous. but MBAM feels that the server that it uses -- GoDaddy.com -- is rife with clients that spew malware. MBAM blocks it and I cannot load my site. If i suspend MBAM and download my site, what could be the consequences? Could one of the renegade clients attach to the loading of my site? how would this be done?
  18. i just want to add my 2 cents. i attempted to visit http://www.aroid.org/horticulture/zonemap/index.html. This site has to be as innocuous as a newborn baby, yet MBAM blocked it, identifying . WHOIS identified as Yahoo. I note also that the page does not load. How do I get around this? I don't want to infect my computer, but by the same token MBAM is blocking sites that I need to visit. If MBAM produces the balloon, is it expressly disallowing the site to load? what is the worst that can happen if i suspend MBAM and load a url that i am certain is safe but MBAM identifies as a malicious server? I hope you address this.
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