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  1. as i stated, i did attempt to clear Temporary Internet Files, but i did not use CCleaner to do it.
  2. Even a quick scan consumes 35 minutes for only 55 GB. what files can i safely "ignore" ? the biggest culprit is /temporary internet files -- can i safely ignore C:\Documents and Settings\nw\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files, or is there a chance that an infected file might hide in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files ? i deleted Temporary Internet Files -- Internet Options::Delete Browsing History::Temporary Internet Files -- but the MBAM scan still recognized it, and scanned it as though i had not deleted it !
  3. avast scanned only "operating memory"; it yielded these seven "infecteds" (see attached). i mention that avast would not allow me to move these to chest. likely nothing to worry about -- i merely mention it and ask an mbam tech to explain.
  4. [this was not supposed to have posted yet: i hadn't completed it!] this question http://forums.malwar...=1 from a different perspective ... i would have expected that the following questions would be next-questions, but i don't see them having been asked. where are new infections -- less than 72 hours; less than 30 minutes -- likely to hide? some files, such as "temporary internet files," tie up an inordinate portion of the scan -- can i safely add the 'temporary internet files' folder to the 'ignore list' - do infections usually lurk there? what folders should i configure the scan to ignore so as to effect a reduction of scan time ?
  5. a slight perspective change from http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=106183&st=0&p=527089&hl=ignore%20list&fromsearch=1entry527089 --i would have the following questions to be next-questions, but i don't see them having been asked.
  6. related to http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=107845 , i ask how to configure mbam to ignore the incoming and outgoing messages of avast and uTorrent. relatedly(?), i came across what appeared to be a relevant configuration option: action for p2p software, under the Settings tab of the Scanner / Main Menu window; mbam offers three options: do not show in results list show in results list and check for removal show in results list and do not check for removal if this p2p-results list is relevant, then please define 'results list,' and what are the consequences (indeed, what is the meaning?) of showing "it," and not showng "it," in the "results list" ?
  7. you might find thgese 2 links relevant .. i am the poster "nweissma" btw .. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=96132.msg767865#msg767865 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=649876#p649876
  8. along the same lines(?), mbam is blocking nearly everything related to torrents, incoming and outgoing. this started with mbam's paid full version; i had no trouble with malware from any aspect of torrent culturte while using mbam's free version. i don't see how to configure mbam to allow these torrent-related url's; the torrent content is adequately monitored by the torrent software (u-torrrent) and by avast, which performs flawlessly.
  9. a recent mbam full scan missed 16 trojans and exploits -- classified as "severe" by safety.live.com -- all in the same subfolder. i suggest that mbam offer at least 2 depths of scan -- "quick" versus "thorough" the thorough setting would be especially useful for the windows explorer shell menu because i would know, from other sources, where the infection is.
  10. MBAM real-time recently blocked a certain site, identifying it as malicious. i contacted them about it and this is their response:
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