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  1. I own many different macs for my whole family: - Macbook pro retina 2017 mid specs - Macbook 12" (2x) top specs - Macbook 13" 2015 top specs - Mabook pro retina 2018 top specs - etc. All of them run High Sierra 10.13.6. All of them run MWB 3.3.32 On all of them, the attached is a typical representation of CPU usage i get from "RTProtectionDaemon". ?As you can see, on a 9h 12m uptime, Malware Bytes was pegging the CPU at 94%!!!!!! ? This leads to: - slow macs regardless of CPU type, memory and ssd type. - a reduction in the lifespan of my components - a pissed off customer. I'd love to send the 'report' you asked in your FAQ but I can't find the button specified to generate it - I take your forum post refer to an older version of MWB? In any case, please help, or else it's back to a different Antimalware for me. Thank you.
  2. Ah, quick update, I was able to run gmer, returns clean, and generates an empty log file Attached is an hijack this log.
  3. Hi, so I got infected with this malware despite Avast. I bought malwarebytes, but sure enough it keeps coming back. Seems to try to have 'winprotect", in C:\Users\Stephan\AppData\Roaming\system\run32.exe running on startup, and whenever I delete that from HKCU/run, it comes back. Every now and then mbam opens up and say 'malware detected etc etc'. I quarantine/delete, run a full scan, delete all the malware, reboot, and sure enough it's all back after I reboot. I've attached the Mbam and dds log as instructed. I cannot include gmer because it keeps saying 'c/windows/system32/config/system: process cannot access the file because it's being used by another process'. mbam_log_2010_07_17__01_21_00_.txt DDS.txt
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