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  1. I understand. I just wanted to document those alerts, so that if someone else was looking for help with the same things.😏 And yell my pain and frustration.😉 Even if you cannot help.
  2. Here is original message when I try to activate license: Then in My Account, there is no that license, so I trying to add it, and I get this: 😱
  3. Well, of course, after posting message, I get ticket form opened and I sent ticket. Is this real, that I cannot modify message sent earlier in this forum?
  4. I'm a little bit tired.😟 Somehow my lifetime license have not ever seen on my account (yes it is old and bought many many years ago, license with ID and license key combination) but earlier it was accepted in activation . Now, my old pc broken, I installed MBAM 3 Premium to new computer with my lifetime licence without problem at October 21, 2018, but I have to uninstall March 21, 2019 it because MBAM 3 did not work with Windows 10 Defender. Or so I thought, I did not knew that there was setting for MBAM 3 live with W10 Defender (Never register Malwarebytes). Now, today, I installed MBAM 3 again, but I when I trying activate lifetime license, I get message that I have to deactivate previous activation. Ok. I click link to do so, but my account still not show my license (while I used it for years now). I cannot deactivate license or add it to my account! And... by the way, right now Activate license -button is greyed out on MBAM 3, nice. I cannot find any way to contact support. Chat is open at night, I cannot submit ticket.😥 How I can get my MBAM 3 license work again?🙏
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