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  1. You might try tcpview http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb897437.aspx John
  2. JMJ


    Here is x.exe zipped x.zip
  3. JMJ


    esafe flags the file but no one else on VT Developer log attached John mbam_log_2010_03_06__17_53_52_.txt
  4. False positive based on virustotal & bit9 results mbam_log_2009_12_22__12_52_52_.txt fp_malwarebytes.zip
  5. Actual file is a txt file from running diff mbam_log_2009_09_19__22_22_44_.txt
  6. Scans clean at Virustotal http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/08966ce...1da2-1248027006 Looks like a legit microsoft file http://fileadvisor.bit9.com/services/extin...;fn=install.exe John mbam_log_2009_07_19__14_25_08_.txt mbam_log_2009_07_19__14_25_08_.txt
  7. Just tried to replicate results with 1.36 and file scans clean
  8. I didn't see any extra information in the logfile using mbam.exe /developer is there a way to make sure I ran it correctly? I would guess that since the file isn't flagged when scanned on another computer and it isn't a win32 application according to a couple of sandboxes it is being flagged by a heueristic of some sort
  9. Is there a way to run /developer mode scan of just a single file? Do You want the one where the file was identified as trojan or as clean or both?
  10. That should be c:\program files\common\helper.sig
  11. This got flagged as a trojan on one of my computers, however scanning on a second comes up clean. Both computers have current definitions. Where do I go from here, to get you guys the info you need, is there a way I can lookup why the definition was matched? Thanks
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