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  1. Thanks for your reply. The sponsorship program was removed as early as January 15, 2010. All versions since then (including the latest version, 4.85) have not contained anything that could be considered adware or something similar. Part of the log you sent contains a reference to Messenger Plus 3, a very old version. Before generating a new report, please make sure all previous said versions are removed from the computer. You'll find that the latest versions are transparent and malware free. Please feel free to share your findings once again.
  2. Interesting findings. The sponsor program in the software was removed months ago. Therefore, the current freeware is virus free and ad-free, and the last few versions shouldn't be identified as badware. The install instructions are transparent to the user. They have the choice of whether or not to install a toolbar when downloading the software. You can download the latest version (4.85) and see for yourself. Will you be sending me a more detailed report to my email so that we can see why this is still being diagnosed seemingly incorrectly? Thanks!
  3. HI Steven, Thanks for your reply. I'd appreciate more details as to what research indicates that this respectable site and the freeware it promotes, Messenger Plus! Live distributes When you download the software from this (official) site, you will have no annoyance factors or viruses. You are welcome to send me any logs or documentation offline as well via the email address I supplied in my original support ticket #84716. Thanks!Nathalie Community Liaison, Yuna Software official representative for Messenger Plus! Live
  4. Re: Support ticket #84716 Your email directed me to this forum. Please let me know why our safe site has shown up as a false positive by your software. Thanks in advance! Nathalie Community Liaison Yuna Software
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