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  1. I like win7 and vista and XP... The problem is that i have had systems that just don't work with vista, others that do work with vista... My gaming setup is vista and its a bomb! But extending the support xp further hmm yes and no ^^ To be honoust its sow hard to think of that they shut down the support to an OS that is still being used in alot of company's (Ehm please excuse my english I do my best )
  2. I am not that suprised that they want to push VGA out of sight. But there are alot of people who still use VGA. Sow its a knife that cuts in two way's
  3. if I understand correct the full version (paid) can replace stuf like Norton, Kasperkey? (i think it does but, i rather be sure of this ^^)
  4. great job Hope to see this in Belguim shops ^^
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