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  1. But even when the IP was on the ignore list, it continued to block it, and after I ignored it, I couldn't trigger a block again, it just blocked without permission.
  2. Uninstalled and I can now access my sites. :)
  3. I'm restarting my computer to complete uninstall.
  4. Nope, even with IP blocking disabled, it's still blocking the IPs.
  5. I changed the registry value: startipdisabled (IP blocking) To value: 1 (disabled) Now let's see if it works...
  6. This site is completely harmless. It's a false positive. http://Rune-Server.org
  7. Your website blocker has got to be the worst one I've ever experienced. It blocks sites without my permission, not only that, but you can't unblock them manually in any way. Then you suggest that we just post the IP that is blocked on this website. There couldn't be a worse solution, that would take forever, do you have any idea how many websites this program is wrongfully blocking? You should either fix your website blocker to block only KNOWN attack sites, and those only, or remove the feature ENTIRELY. I recommend the second option. It truly pisses me off that I have no control over what the program blocks, it's just as bad as malware itself, the hypocrisy. Even if I add the blocked IP to the ignore list, it continues to block the IP. Awful, there is no excuse for this. I'm uninstalling my registered version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, and if it continues to block sites, there will be something done.
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