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  1. BTW I followed your fix for Windows 7 (I have Pro and was on line when it hit the other day)...it left 7 files quarantined; wouldn't disappear after "restore all"...checked the OS and all 7 were in tact so I deleted them and good to go. Thanks for the immediate response. I had this happen before on one of the top internet security programs....so I know it does happen sometimes! Cheers!
  2. Got it...all is well! Appreciate the good response and support from the forum.
  3. I just tonight saw your reply...removed ABP and it's gone. Only happened on Chrome browser but none the less, I feel embarrassed for not trying that sooner. Hey...thanks for the help. RR
  4. I get the same issue everytime I open the Chrome browser without selecting anything else. As you said, it started a few days ago. Thanks
  5. Add one more exactly as this...detected yesterday. Thanks RR
  6. There was some retaliation tonight......
  7. All great answers to a "sensitive question" which drives a lot of moderators crazy...but these were all quite good! And I can sympathize with the question because unless you spend time testing them all, you don't know what to believe, even if you watch the independent testing! The Malwarebytes forum gets a "high five"...wars start at Wilders for this same questions!
  8. I have been using MBAM-Pro with ESET Smart Security and no issues at all! I also run it on my other machine with Avast! I sleep well at night knowing MBAM Pro is there!!!!
  9. Just a quick question...I need to move Malwarebytes Pro (paid) to another computer permanently. I assume I need to uninstall from the old pc and re-activate in the new one (same ID & Key)?
  10. All I know is having Ford stock is for smart people! My oldest son grabbed it at $2/share when the government was trying to bail everyone out and now he is smiling! Still in college....maybe he can support me soon.....
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