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  1. Rootkit scans should no longer hang indefinitely under certain conditions Fresh install of windows and I'm getting hangs during full scan, worked fine on previous windows install on the same hardware. I've already ran the uninstall cleaner and reinstalled with no avail. Just want to make sure this is on you guys radar because the hang issue is definitely still present in 2.0.2.
  2. Looks like it's probably a FP but wanted to give you guys the heads up. libreofficeCalcTest.rar MBAM-log-2014-01-22 (14-16-21).txt
  3. Got a bunch of flags of Trojan.Backdoor.MRX. I saw another post reporting similar results so I'm thinking this is probably a false positive. FlaggedFiles.zip
  4. Hello again, just wanted to give you an update that MovieProxy.exe is still being flagged as Spyware.Zbot.ED with the WoW PTR client. However it seems to be taken care of with the retail client. Virus Total - https://www.virustotal.com/file/92d6d7227d0f94c6e19ada0d549414944d9c0fcb583d7512f83fde32852f8b43/analysis/1359383912/ MBAM-log-2013-01-28 (09-37-50).txt
  5. Just got flagged and I'm thinking it's a false positive. VirusTotal Link https://www.virustotal.com/file/10e2c73e2d32c18aa6511d06b3ba235b3b5e21b48cd7dbac72a153e0023b6685/analysis/1359355323/ MBAM-log-2013-01-28 (01-44-40).txt
  6. I believe this is being flagged as a False Positive. D:\Games\World of Warcraft Beta\MovieProxy.exe (Spyware.Password) -> No action taken. [a9482448312cc96d43d554713ec29e62] E:\Games\World of Warcraft Beta\MovieProxy.exe (Spyware.Password) -> No action taken. [cf223b31b1ace1558a8e467f23ddad53] VirusTotal linke - https://www.virustotal.com/file/661419414ab7ffff1d2eaf483a1ecca5570ab08b82eee1d952c960ff75126c4c/analysis/1348454840/ mbam-log-2012-09-23 (22-45-59).txt
  7. Yup all clean with database version 5901.
  8. I believe it's probably a FP too but I'll wait for an official word as well. The whole reason I ran this scan was because the hotmail account I use for random forums and stuff got "locked" for violating their TOS (usually due to someone getting into the account and sending out spam according to the little FAQ it gave me) so I went through the little process to get it unlocked, logged in and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. No random emails in the sent folder or anything like that. However someone did get into that account a few months back due to just a weak pw I believe and did send out a bunch of spam (there was lots of stuff in my sent folder and lots or failed delivery stuff in my inbox back then) which kind of leads me to believe the locking of the account was due to that incident a few months back and that they just now got around to reviewing it. If this does turn out to be a FP talk about a coincidence to make you paranoid tho lol.
  9. From VirusTotal File already submitted: The file sent has already been analysed by VirusTotal in the past. This is same basic info regarding the sample itself and its last analysis: MD5: 2fe97a3052e847190a9775431292a3a3 Date first seen: 2010-01-26 13:07:46 (UTC) Date last seen: 2010-11-19 07:53:54 (UTC) Detection ratio: 0/43
  10. Made a copy of file to my desktop and was able to get it rar'd from there. icardagt.rar
  11. I'm getting this file flagged after the most recent update as well. MSE scan is clean on the file. I tried to rar the file to attach it along with the log in this post but I get access denied. Any ideas on this being a FP or not? mbam-log-2011-02-28 (04-06-57).txt
  12. Here you go super_pi_mod.rar
  13. After updating to the most recent definitions this morning and running my daily scan super_pi_mod.exe got flagged. Been using this benchmark program for years so I'm thinking false positive. mbam_log_2011_01_17__12_03_29_.txt
  14. Sry forgot to add log file. mbam_log_2011_01_04__12_19_10_.txt
  15. I'm getting bitsadmin.exe flagged as well. I'm thinking FP too.
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