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  1. Thanks for the link and the offer. Will give it a try on the CD tonight..
  2. Yes. There are two volumes. csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/800-60.../SP800-60_Vol1-Rev1.pdf‎ csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/800-60.../SP800-60_Vol2-Rev1.pdf‎ The National Institute of Standards puts out a number of publications. The appendix goes into quite some detail. I believe most of the major software companies (e.g Microsoft, Oracle, etc) may be on the committee. Re: You have a point. From my understanding 80 percent of all computer systems have been compromised. Not sure what is the alternative. As long as computer code has hooks and NOPs, IMO will be vulnerable. Years ago I came to the conclusion only secure way (to surf the net) is to have a sacrificial computer where NO information is exchanged between that computer (outside accessible) and your primary (inhouse only) This slows down the business process (cut / copy / paste), but if you have propriety information you don't want to lose, only way that is really secure. If you have a better alternative, I'd like to know where to go.
  3. Not sure how to directly contact you. IN your General PC articles, you might want to add a note that a review of the 800-60 standard for setting up computer security would go a long way to help secure ones system. Most users do NOT know about this standard but is basically the bible on computer security setup.
  4. Mr. Lipman: Thanks for the explanation on what Malwarebytes evaluates. I think there is a lot of confusion as most believe -- including myself -- that Malwarebytes is basically an Antivirus program and hence looks for both viruses and trojans. The following statement is of most concern though: If that statement is in fact correct, then if I swap in one of my old hard drives to obtain a file I need -- and that drive was never evaluated -- then Not only "may" my new drive(s) have some malware issues, but if I run Malwarebytes against it, it most likely would not catch it. =================== Advanced SetUP I did that and the CD drive was never accessed to be evaluated.
  5. AdvancedSetUp: Thanks for response. I thought since Malwarebytes shows the CD Drive letter and associated checkbox is checkable, that it would evaluate a CD. Very surprised it did not. I have Never run a virus check on this CD,, so was curious what Malwarebytes would show since disk is about 10 years old. Sorry to hear it won't work, even though the CD is bootable but was NOT booted. May be an upgrade to consider for a future version.
  6. Win XP, SP3, All Updates Current I have a bootable CD which makes a mirror of the hard disk as well as partitions it. Assume the CD boot is DOS. In order for the CD to boot, the BIOS must be modified. Malwarebytes (free) goes through its motions to Read Memory, various DLLs and Registry Entries, and Support Files (whatever they are), but based on CD light CD is never read nor evaluated.
  7. Malwarebytes asked that I post my suggestion here to see if others might want this feature. Based on the amount of feedback they may consider including. ======================= Suggestion: Any chance Malwarebytes can include a list of call home software with maybe a check listbox that will allow the user to remove selectively or remove all. Thanks David
  8. Under "Perform Quick Scan" the file and directory being scanned is displayed to the user. I just noticed -- for the first time -- that near the end of the "Quick Scan" that a number of files are being scanned WHERE the the File and Directory being scanned is NOT DISPLAYED. Is this Normal?
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