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  1. Yesterday Chrome streaming radio station. Today no sign but ran Malwatebytes then anyhow which found 0 and restarted.
  2. Familiar with computers and careful at that which is why this dumbfounded me yesterday and even more so today because their is NO SIGN of the critters. Here's a pix I found on the web.
  3. Thanks for replying and understanding. I've password protected my work computer this morning. We'll see if the creatures return. Both Malwatebytes and I just ran Adwcleaner as suggested showed nada.
  4. I'm very hesitant to click on links (even that link above) these days that's why it shocked me when 5 or 6 ants after I returned from lunch at work were following my mouse's every move. Odd thing. I went home for the night and this morning not a sign of them. Then after the fact I installed Malwatebytes on the office computer and it found nothing. I'm befuddled. I was streaming a radio station yesterday one which I always have streamed but contains ads. I'm wondering now if that's what may have caused this. The only thing "only" sign of 12 ants yesterday outside of them following my mouse around was a zip file which I deleted but yesterday they kept coming. Nothing in add/remove apps.
  5. I haven't installed Malwatebytes yet. I've used it a ton in the past however. Reason for this post is thr occurance of ants or maybe their spiders showing up this afternoon for no apparent reason and they keep following my damn mouse around. Can anyone help, can Malwatebytes help? Very annoying and nothing installed that I can find. I've tried every avenue I know to try and remove them. Google extensions, themes, resetting browser to default??? Thank you.
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