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  1. Hello Marcin a bit late, but I really wish you a wonderful birthday. Lots of regards Ruby
  2. Congratulations and welcome to Malwarebytes
  3. everything went fine, update, new icon, scan and automatically logfile Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.09 Datenbank Version: 509 Scan Art: Schnell Scan Objekte gescannt: 28164 Scan Dauer: 4 minute(s), 53 second(s) Infizierte Speicher Prozesse: 0 Infizierte Speicher Module: 0 Infizierte Registrierungsschl
  4. Hi again but this one is better: It's looking fine, much better than the quarter:
  5. The symbol of lion stands for the king of the animals which eats up every malware, so what is wrong with this icon? The "Pacman"-Icon is nice, but it's not impressive for a serious anti-malware program. Everybody would think it's a new game...
  6. Update went fine Quick Scan seems to be a bit faster again First Quick Scan: I am used to get my scan log automatically. So I tried to close MBAM, when done, to tell, you "everything is working fine"... MBAM won't close. I couldn't close it. So I restarted my machine. There was no logfile of today. Second Quick Scan: I am used to get my scan log automatically => Today I had to save it. I saved it under C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes and found it back there - manually: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.08 Datenbank Version: 479 Scan Art: Schnell Scan Objekte gescannt: 26926 Scan Dauer: 2 minute
  7. Hello Hardhead I miss nearly every birthday, including my own Belated best wishes from me too ... have a wonderful New Year Kindest regards Ruby
  8. Most of the here named links redirect (now ?) to malwarebytes.org/beta/ - Malwarebytes Test page. One link is dead and on the Spanish side it will take some more time to find out if someone can download the program. To distribute a program which may not be distributed belongs to these practices which I can't understand and don't accept.
  9. Good News ... it's a very famous program... whole the world knows about it. You can download it from hundreds of links.... Crazy people. As I am asked if I want come back to earth a second time, my answer will be: no thanks. One time was enough.
  10. Ruby

    Hi all

    Welcome to Malwarebytes @ jedi Fine that you are here Regards Ruby
  11. Ruby

    Hello to all

    Hello Jacee Welcome to Malwarebytes! Enjoy to be here. Regards Ruby
  12. Ok, thanks for your answers @ JeanInMontana and Hardhead I will take 2 and more scans the following times too, let's find out, what happens. I am going to report it here. Regards Ruby
  13. Ruby

    Hello on Board

    Hi nickW, hello ipl_001, hello everybody Thanks for your welcome @ nickW nice to meet you here ! Lots of regards Ruby
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