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  1. Can you be more specific as to what IP's or blocks of IP's are blocked? When my host buys IP addresses they just give himPlea 5 IP addresses, often within the same block. So without knowing which IP address blocks are blocked, he could wind up moving my site to another blocked IP address. I have to purchase a new SSL Certificate each time I change IP addresses. This move is not free for me so I would like to do it only one time. Also, it would be interesting to see what sites are causing the problem. They might be hosted by Glowhost, in which case they could take action and fix the problem. Please let me know as soon as possible. I am loosing business ever day because of this. Robert
  2. Thank you for your response. I contacted my webmaster about moving to a new IP. Hopefully we can do this quickly.
  3. A customer of mine went to version 1.46 and since then he has not been able to visit my website. Malwarebytes is blocking IP: Please remove this false positive from your blocking list. Thank you Robert
  4. A customer of ours can no longer access our commercial website. He said it's being blocked by V1.46. Who should I contact to have my website removed from your list? We have nothing to do with virus's, spyware or malware or anything like that. I have used MBAM on three computers and love the product. But I'm very upset that it's blocking customers from visiting my website.
  5. V1.46 has blocked access to my website. Who do I contact to have my website removed from your blocked list? I own a surplus business and we have nothing to do with virurs, malware or spyware. Thanks Robert
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