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  1. They are all mostly computer illiterate to know what to do about anything. I am giving them advice and doing them a favor as the results are in for the tests and mbam came in at #12, I am already moving them all and future computers that come to be serviced to another protection program. Even dropping Zonealarm as it did not finish well either and not even within the top 20. Been with you from the beginning, but sorry to say that after this error, I am moving on.
  2. Yes, 500 plus, all running windows XP w/svc pk 3. And it does it with only windows installed, all updates to windows, then zonealarm installed and configured, then install malwarebytes and there is the problem. I got an email from another user in here that told me he has 5000 plus and he is having the same problem.
  3. Drastic? Have to do what I have to do. As stated, I cannot get tech support as I do not pay for it, I run the free version in mine. I am not a reseller, I just install it in all the new systems and ones that come in for service. The Customers pay for it, I don't. So I cannot open a ticket. I do not need to ask as it is a known issue and will be fixed one day. Until then I will just wait for the release that is updated with the fix.
  4. Well, being the issue has been known since day two of the release of 1.7 I have to again take measures to support my Customers. I have emailed them all the last version of 1.6 and the uninstall program for mbam. They are upset, ALL of them, that they have to wait from 180 seconds to 14 minutes before they can do anything on their computer. Some are just turning off the auto start of mbam and not having any realtime protection that they paid for. I have been asked if there is any other good protection, so I guess I have to read reviews as to which one to recommend to my Customers. You would think by now the issue would have been resolved.
  5. Sorry, typo, on version. Computer tech, Custom systems built for Customers. I am not a reseller, but do install in every computer new or one being serviced and let them decide to purchase or not. Over 500 currently pay for the pro version that I know of. Like this system I am working on, they already have a license and reinstalling windows.
  6. Are you running ANY version of zonealarm? If so, malewarebytes does NOT work with zonealarm. It will do what it is doing to you or if you wait, your desktop will eventually boot up. I have one system right now that had a 33 second boot up time to desktop. After malewarebytes was installed it jumped to 118 seconds on every boot. The last system I installed it took 14 minutes before I could do anything on it. Fix is, do not use the paid version and if you have the paid version, disable all the real time protection and do not let it run at startup. Every one of my systems have this problem and has had it since the release of 1.71. All systems I worked on return to normal after real time protection is turned off. My Customers that pay for it are ticked off when I sent them all email telling them to disable it. So it is just like running the free version, it works fine.
  7. Well, it is working. I had to wait to get appointments going as I do not have the full version in mine to check it. But, I did get back to 289 Customers, at my expense again making a trip to them, and it is all working. I did not have to do a clean uninstall either on any of them. I also got updated those that I told not to update until I contacted them. I called all of them or sent email with full instructions and attached the setup file ( don't know if you have yet published it) and I have not gotten one reply back as to it not working. I would say at this time I have 500 at least working without a hitch and I have yet to get back to fix another 200+ Customers and I will be doing them at my expense for your error, this week. Hitting the road again! Please don't mess up this big again as I cannot afford the gas to do this all again. Thanks for the fix and I now have happy Customers again.
  8. I would like to say after reading all of this, the only thing I totally disagree with is the amount of downloads vs the amount of problems. So with that said, here is the problem that everyone is having confirmed and added. I run a business, build up and install and service computers. Have been since 1982. I install on all my systems zonealarm free or paid, whichever the person buying the system wants or if reinstalling in systems I did not build up. I have been getting calls daily and have everyone on hold that has contacted me. I also stay in touch with my Customers via Email and notified them ALL not to update Malewarebytes. Now, I am getting the same issues. These were the following steps taken from start to finish before I came in here a few weeks back and decided to wait, but not fixed yet by malewarebytes.. Installed the new Zonealarm 2012 a few weeks before mbam had their update. All running fine. Installed malewarebytes and the system froze. Tried to uninstall and try again. Same thing. Then came to this site and got the clean uninstall file you suggested. Well, did not work. Same issue. Started getting phone calls from Customers that their systems froze. Now, all systems are running windowsxp sp3 and either ZA Free or paid and mbam free or paid. The problem is only with all the paying Customers and not the free. THIS is where I disagree with your 2 million users, the free version is not crashing the system because it is not running at startup. All my Customers running the free version are fine. I might be small, but I have 703 Customers right now on hold. So when are you gonna start addressing this issue? We need a fix out here and now. If you need any information about what is installed in all the systems or whatever, please ask away if you need to. Right now I am very busy going around personally to my Customers that have bought their systems from me fixing them because they updated and are to stupid to be walked through it over the phone. I am loosing out on some money here for your problem because I do not charge them to fix a problem that is not theirs and I am going around to them all within a 120 mile raidious. Please address the issue promptly. And again, 2 million you say? Think not. How many are stupid like I have of Customers that do not know. How many if systems froze can even access for help? How many running the free version that is working fine? It is the same program, just not activated to be enabled at startup. I would guess 90% of the people out there using software are illiterate and don't know, so take the 2 million and deduct 90%. Now you have a lot of users with problems. You cannot go by the amount of downloads. I will be waiting a reply for a fix as soon as you can. I will check back also when I have time because on the road almost every day fixing this issue and bring them back to the older engine and not this updated one and they are fine. Also, it is not ZA's issue, it is mbams issue. The two of you need to start figuring out what is the problem here.
  9. Ok, well, I cannot wait any longer. Customers complained about taking 4 hours to update because of downloading the def updates, then download the program update then download updates again. They all complained and told me they want it out as it is now taking to long. I need to have your recommendation on which spyware protection that we can use. Does not matter if free or paid as my Customers all pay accept a few. You said as you can see in the thread over a year ago that it was going to be changed. It has not. I have a lot of Customers still on dial-up as no high speed is available to them. I only got high speed not long ago and I know how much of a headache it is to download all the updates. It is not only yours but their antivirus and firewall and you add it all up daily they are downloading for 3.5 hours before they go on the internet making sure they are up to date before browsing. So at this time, I need to know what program out there that you would have me consider for my Customers? I start next week to go around to all of them for yearly service and I need to change them up when I go around. Thank you.
  10. Ok, I will tell them to hang in there.
  11. Just checking back because I am going to have to switch all my Customers to another program very soon. they are all complaining about the download time. the paying members, which most of them are, are getting upset. they started emailing me about it being over 2 hours for them to update. I know V1.5 came out, but it hit home with them already mad about download time. Have they been working still behind the scenes on the upating method or do I need to start looking for another program for them to use?
  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From all of us on dial-up.
  13. I posted this to support and they sent me here to post this. I know it will not be a popular suggestion as they state it takes to get it changed because almost everyone out there is high speed. But anyway, this is what I sent an email about to TS. I would like to know if possible that in your next version or this one if possible that you can make the downloads for updates to append to file. Myself and I can name over a hundred people in my area are starting to have a hard time downloading the updates. It is taking us over an hour now to get them. We are all on dial-up. We used to use ad-aware, but when it got to over two hours to update every day we dropped them and found you. But now you are doing the same thing and growing in the update file size. Some of us use the free version while others are paying for it. Is there anyway that any new updates that come out can be appended to the .ref file. It is a lot better to download 2k then the full 4.9MB it is now every day. If the full .ref file needs to be replaced then every once in a while we don't mind it, but every day for us is starting to get to us in time wasted and can't do anything on the web while downloading. I install your product in every System that I have to repair or reinstall windows in. I install the free version, tell them about what the paid version is. If they ask me if it is worth paying for I tell them yes and leave it to them to decide.
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