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  1. heh ... yeppers , that is a POS-1 site/fix ... it is flagged , tagged and gagged by WOT and trafficlight . try again . @LBL : i suggest that you install "WOT" and "trafficlight" in firefox . you will find these in FF by going to : tools/add-ons/get add-ons in the search box type in the name of the add-ons i mentioned . click on the magnifying glass . click on install of the correct add-on . these two items will help keep you out of trouble .
  2. CWB

    Phone Scams

    yep ... she fell prey to her own insecurities and ignorance (defined by the true meaning of that word) . she stated that she knew her machine was "virus free" , and yet chose to continue down the merry path . i am sure that you can point out that she was charged for "free" programs and provide a breakdown of those . i would urge the client to pursue this matter . perhaps her insurance will pay for any fixes needed (long shot but still a shot nonetheless) ? as this is a business machine , she may be able to deduct the costs incurred ... a check with a/her CPA will tell . the other side of this is that the client must somehow feel "bad" for being duped ... you might want to do a little "damage control" in this area (perhaps you have) . ps ... i am a broadcast engineer ... have been for more years than i care to think about .
  3. if your machine has the items as listed by the full set of instructions at the site you linked to then you can do as instructed . there is much more than just the four steps you copy/pasted ... everything under "how do i remove weatherbug" applies . i do not recommend this fix in your case as navigating/mucking about in the registry is absolutely not for the uninitiated . try looking for a "software tool" for removing weatherbug . there are a couple of "adware cleaners" available ... they are comprehensive in what they will recognize and remove .
  4. the "view hidden files" on the comp is for protecting system files (and such) ... in other words these files are sensitive to the operation of the operating system and if tampered with can result in a *bricked machine* or non/malfunctioning programs. thus , these files are hidden for good reason ... to keep neophytes out of them ... (re)hide them unless specifically instructed to un-hide them . "sometimes , this will show in the "programs and features" in the control panel ." "Then maybe it will appear, because it doesn't in the Control Panel or Start/Programs. I have to step out, so I'll get to it later." not clear from your comment ... did you go to the "programs and features" section of the control panel and search for this/these programs ? did you google for a "weather bug" removal program ? remember ... post links before acting on it . i recall that there is a comprehensive removal program for items such as "weather bug" and more . in some cases , the bits-n-pieces left behind from the removal of certain nefarious/questionable programs causes no problems other than when one finds them it is akin to finding the odd scrap of paper or crumb of food on a floor . i have run across "wild tangent" on many other machines and have removed it and all associated items ... personally , it is crapware and a possible infection vector .
  5. one item i noticed ... "weather bug" . some people like this little piece of ... oh never mind . personally , i would uninstall it . sometimes , this will show in the "programs and features" in the control panel . in other instances , removal with a specific tool or something such as a decent "uninstaller program" is required . try the control panel first and if that fails , break out the google-foo . and post back the links .
  6. if an uninstaller is not available for a specific program , you will have to use your google-fu . when you find an uninstaller , post the link here so that one of us can "review" it to ensure its legitimacy . elsewise , if you cannot find an uninstaller , post the name of the program (and any other pertinent information) here and we may be able to find one . (one program/disaster at a time please )
  7. get IE9 working as best as is possible ... you will have to use the "compatibility mode" to be able to view some websites correctly . personally , i would keep firefox ... it is a *more up to date* browser that can run on vista . the older versions of IE still had/have "security issues" ... FF is constantly updated . as for cleaning up the stuff left behind from the uninstalls performed from the add/remove programs ... there is a list of specific uninstallers that can be downloaded and run . perhaps one of the others here can point you to a list of them . there are some powerful uninstaller programs out there ... but , these will get a novice into deep kim chee in a heartbeat . yes , update adobe reader X version XI ... you may need to download the "offline" version of XI . however , you have bigger fish to fry first .
  8. this is the "good link" : http://get.adobe.com/reader/ un-check that box that wants you to download a trial of the "anti-crap) . (this is reeeeaaaallly important) save the file to your desktop (so you don't have to go diggin' for it) . run it as "administrator" . i believe this version looks for and removes older versions . if an older version is left behind , indicate this , there is a link to a "remover" available .
  9. now ... play nice boys and girls . reading the "black on the white" and understanding/following instructions to the letter *one step at a time* is the best way to avoid clouding , confusing and possibly creating more problems . some computer problems (along with many others in life) can be like a tough ol' piece of meat ; the more you chew on them , the bigger it gets .
  10. a little possible clarification about the "pirated software" issue ... while the OP is responsible for any and all software on the machine in question , i believe that "malwarebytes" (et al) has in their "rules and regulations" the right to refuse assistance to anyone with evidence of "pirated/cracked/hacked" software on the machine in question . figuring out "how" such software came to be on a machine is not in the purveyance of "malwarebytes" (et al) ... it is up to the OP (in this instance) to "figure this out" . however ... a simple review by the OP (in this instance) of the circumstances involved with the procurement of said software will most times lead to "what happened" . a good base question to ask is "where did i get the software from" .
  11. "You are using IE7 which is also outdated, you need to update it." as i recall , vista is only good up to IE9 : http://www.computerworld.com/article/2507487/desktop-apps/windows-vista--no-ie10-for-you.html the firefox browser is a good choice . a couple of the *other* browsers have items of or are linked to "items of a questionable nature" .
  12. if you are using W7 ... you might try making sure that SP1 is installed before doing any other updates , etc .
  13. have you tried this ? http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c00033108
  14. i can think of a few words that are more succinct than "antsy" .
  15. hmmm ... "as new" is open for debate ... it could be construed two ways : "new" as in factory fresh , right out of the box "new" as in new OS (only) install additionally : "... I told the guy that but he said recovery would wipe my laptop back to factory settings ..." personally speaking ... if you were under the impression that he was going to do the work needed to bring the machine back to an "out of the box" state , i would go back and ask for a refund . yes , you can go to HP and download what is needed . some things are not really needed (such as any bloatware) ... things like the wifi driver are ok to install (there may be two packages for this item) . certain drivers and hardware are "vendor/manufacturer specific" ... the drivers for a particular piece of hardware are "customized" for use by a given vendor and require the "proprietary" drivers . generic or drivers from other vendors/manufactures (most likely) will not work . think of it along the lines of not being able to swap the lug nuts from one brand/model of automobile over to another brand/make . you said your laptop is a G6 ... what are the full set of numbers on the machine ? i believe that HP as a piece of software that can be allowed to run (from the hp site) that will "look" at your machine and find the correct model/drivers .
  16. "Perhaps he actually deleted all the disk partitions, reformatted and reinstalled Windows without all the HP drivers, especially if you did not have the OS and drivers disks that came with the laptop?" as i see it , the guy might have performed a re-installation of the OS using a method that is kind of controversial to/in/by these forums and the TOC ... leave it suffice to say that it does not require the use of the OS as found on a set of factory discs . however , the method does not restore/install any of the drivers specific to HP or other vendors (such as intel's rapid storage drivers) ... think "bare bones" . if the OP paid good money in good faith to have (and this part is very important) his machine restored to "factory" then the guy that worked on it fell very short of the mark/agreement . if this is the case , then returning the machine to the guy and having him install the necessary drivers (etc) to truly bring it back to "factory fresh" is warranted .
  17. hopefully the WD diagnostics will be burnt to disc and run correctly this time around . there is much "clouding" of what has actually transpired . time to start fresh . personally speaking ... i do not trust what the majority of windows diagnostics has to "say" when it comes to determining if a HDD is good or bad . what i do trust is the WD tool(s) and some other tools that are available . i really feel that the HDD is bad (just by symptoms alone) and should be replaced ASAP ... no second guessing involved . the more you run that drive the more it wants to join "the choir invisible" ... and there will come a point that someone will be blowing taps on a bugle . if there is any critical information/files on that HDD ... get them off of it ... you may need to plug it into another comp to do so .
  18. if i may interject ... david is correct ... the HDD is headed south . what this means is that the HDD may "look" ok right now , because "things are working" ... but ... it will not last . (as indicated by your statement that you "lost" some more things) think of it as a car engine with a rod knocking ... yeah , you can turn up the radio and you won't hear the "tick-tick-tick" turn into "thunk-thunk-thunk" just before it leaves you standing beside the road hitching a ride . any "work" you do on or to the existing HDD will wind up being for naught . i would strongly suggest pursuing a plan of replacing the HDD .
  19. whatever happened to the plan of using biomass -> methane *cookers* ?
  20. simply put ... and to paraphrase something a wise person said to me years ago : what is the best browser out there ? the one you are currently using . originally i had asked the person about general coverage radio receivers (i am a ham) . his response is quite accurate in that if i am happy with what i am using then i will not seek out another unit . however , if there is *something* that falls short of my knowledge and requirements (aka : being aware) then i will start looking for answers in a different product or modifications .
  21. personally speaking ... i would go with the cdrom flavor . sometimes there are problems getting the machine to see/read/run a usb stick when *just* booting .
  22. "Then came other good browsers like Google Chrome"
  23. hmmm ... just a SWAG : perhaps the "auto backup/restore/imaging" has made a double fist-full of backups ? although , it would require the backups to be other than on the (usually) small "backup/restore" partition . i have noticed a similar situation on some comps i have repaired ... the owner installed a "backup" program and it was capable of using/used the whole of the "C" drive .
  24. my question is : why would anyone want to install an "ad supported" browser ? about the only reason i can think of would be if there were some form of remuneration or "savings/discounts" available to users of the browser . i dunno ... to my way of thinking it is like the city morgue giving out free samples .
  25. every morning i drive by a geedunk ... i wonder if they will have dropped price this morning . several hours after i wrote the last post an outfit in town dropped .02/gal off of the price ... $1.95/gal .
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