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  1. hmmm ... as of 0600 CST , not able to connect to the second link .
  2. call the *bubba collection agency* perhaps ?
  3. yer safer flying than crossing the street ... that said , a friend and i went flying during a chinook in february ... three glorious days of 50 degree weather and then back to -10F to -25F . we came in for a landing ... the approach was text book ... when we were about 30 feet off the ground and 150 feet shy of the runway suddenly it was like a big hand was pushing down on the plane . yessir ... put it down in the snow and grass about 50 feet from the tarmac , barely missed the end approach marker lights and then finished up on the runway ... centered ! i didn't even have to reach for the pry-bar to get loose from the seat .
  4. using the address and adding "malware" when exercising google-fu it seems that a whole lot of people are asking the same basic question(s) . WOT and trafficlight give the thumbs up as do several "testimonials" and research by others ... however ... i seen a reference to malwarebytes premium global license for a little over a buck a year ... i would question the validity of such an offer .
  5. "help ... the paranoids are after me !" on topic ... it would be nice to know the upshot/results of OPs questions and general consensus of the responses .
  6. "When it comes to AIO devices, all the morte reason for their removal." heh ... rather apropos . many languages have this word that pertains to or means "death" . http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/morte that asides ... i have three printers on my main W7 machine ... with no deleterious effects . i like to keep my machines cleaned out and remove non-essential/no longer used software . good housekeeping means less headaches . i try to install the least amount of crapware that comes with most windoze flavors of printer drivers/programs . i will say that *brother* printers have the option of installing just what is needed to make the printer work (think corporate installs) . linux drivers/programs are mostly clean ... at least the ones from the "factory" that i have installed .
  7. aaannnddd ... corn squeezin's , stump water and johnny dance are more terms . at one time the "proof" of white lightning was determined by pouring it on a little pile of gun/black powder and setting it alight ... if the powder ignited ... it was of sufficiently high proof for purchasing/consuming . my step-father and a couple of great uncles ran 'shine and canadian booze during prohibition . the "watkins" spice company made a lot of money during prohibition . they sold a lot of lemon , vanilla and other assorted extracts ... they were around 80 proof .
  8. hopefully , you used the "uninstaller" for the cannon program/printer . "revo uninstaller" is a good program that cleans up the crud left by many uninstallers ... it is best used to uninstall an existing program . the old version is free . beware ... google has a couple of bogus sites listed . "I discovered that for whatever reason, I was no longer able to receive or make any phone calls on my land-line phone." i had a friend with a similar problem on his HP "all the junk on the bunk" printer/scanner ... turns out that the pictorial that shows where/how to plug the phone line and phone were swapped .
  9. sounds like the typical "stonewall" tactics . from my days of wearing a funny green suit : "deny the enemy as much information as possible" .
  10. "I'm trying a registrar that I'd never heard of, but which sounds promising" one could say much the same for "blind dates" ... been there , done that ... the scars are still healing
  11. and i thought is was going to be of a scandalous nature ... such as clinton and some intern . bummer man . it does not surprise me ... this type of stuff goes on more than the average person is aware of . currently , i am involved with a discussion/fact finding about the runtime of a certain laptop with a given battery ... the real world results (using the test parameters given) are very different from the *alleged" factory testing .
  12. yeppers ... it is a rare event that most programs out there do not leave behind unwanted crud . in order to remove every bit of information would require a better uninstaller to be designed by the manufacturer of the software ... and this translates into folding green stuff . a program that i use often (and not to hawk a single product) is revo uninstaller (the older version is absolutely free) . under no circumstance should one use any of those "let us clean and tune up yer PC" programs . 95% of these programs are bogus and attempt to install some kind of crap/malware .
  13. aaannnd as DHL would say ... "this is what inevitably happens when one does not practice *safe hex" . however , i shall digress from further commentary .
  14. hmmm ... after you back up your data ... we could help you out by finding a source for a HDD at a more reasonable price than a comp shop would charge you .
  15. yeppers ... looks like the HDD is heading south ... i would strongly suggest replacing the drive before it fails so badly that you cannot retrieve your data/important files easily . HDDs are not expensive . at this point , you may be able to clone your drive and this will ease the headaches of installing the OS and other stuff on a new drive . edit ... most likely the test was cut short due to the read failures (etc) . what is listed in the "error" section ? i see that you are in the UK ... i am not familiar with the parts sources across the big pond .
  16. CWB

    LInux malware

    yep ... the seeming strength of *something* many times has a catastrophic downfall ... look at what happened to Achilles . getting access to "root" is difficult in a 'nix system but once it has been acquired it is like pulling the pin on a grenade . some people have weak passwords or none at all ... this does not help the situation . and why do they have weak or no password(s) ? because they are under the impression that a 'nix system is impervious to attack . windows systems can suffer pretty much the same fate as "root" in nix ... if a *god* account is *somehow* created or elevated . as for what is a "good" amount or type of security , a check in the 'nix forums that lean toward security and "anti" stuff will be of help ... that is , if you can avoid those naysayers that are like the the guy that pops his head out of the cellar after a tornado has destroyed the house and farm and then says : "every thing looks good ... no problems here ..." .
  17. "I live with my boyfriend who is an IT guy/professional hacker and he pays for the Internet in the apartment that is under my name ..." "He is spiteful when we fight so he snoops into all of my devices phone and laptop and can see everything I do" "I feel very insecure about this and feel that it is unfair as it is invading my personal privacy." "I don't trust him. It would be greatly appreciated for some advice." the situation as you describe it is not healthy ... for you . he is commiting a couple of paractices that are of questionable legality . i am no professional ... however ... throw him out ... and i strongly suggest that you then go to a CODA meeting/group . no one has the right to to do the things he has done to you and your property . edit : i don't know what happened to the other part of my post ... in addition to the above , you can "lock down" your phone , PC and other devices by simply password protecting them . all accounts should be password protected and files/folders encrypted . do not let anyone have the passwords . do not use the same password for all the devices/accounts . if you need to make a list ... put in on a flashdrive and password protect/encrypt it ... do not let anyone know that you have it . change your passwords frequently (yeah , i know , it is a pain) . there is a way to circumvent the password protection on/in a windows OS . if this is done by your BF ... that is breaking the law and as such , it is up to you to take the appropriate course of action(s) . perhaps the others here can/will input some solid advice .
  18. i missed the one about the haystack . my dad used to tell me similar "story problems" when i was young .
  19. a little info/food for thought ... i had a friend that worked the DSL side for the phone company (he was a phone guy as well) . i had a problem with my dsl wimping out at certain times ... especially after it had been raining for a couple of hours (a rare event in SW arizona) . he checked my side ... all good . he tracked down the problem to a junction box that had seen better days . good enough but about two weeks later i had the same problem ... this time the problem was tracked down to one of the junction boxes about two miles from my place . there was another inactive pair of lines tagged onto my pair that ran off to god-knows-where . lifting these lines straightened out the problem from that point on . now that the techs are on task and know that there really is a problem , it may take a few tries to "get it right" .
  20. yep ... good points . obtaining more data/proof is essential .
  21. hmmm ... judging by the new information provided , it sure looks like the provider and associated equipment is at fault . time to build a fire under the provider . @DHL : what say ye ? further thoughts ... i will not comment on whether or not your choice to switch providers was unwise ... you have no prior experience with them to base a decision on . the real point is that the new company "promised" a working/fully functioning system/service , barring the occasional inevitable *glitch* . you entered into a contract with the new company in good faith , understanding that they would provide reasonable service . to date , they have not fulfilled their end of the contract albeit that they have made an attempt to rectify the current situation . certainly all their customers (or a major portion of them) cannot be experiencing the same problems as yourself . perhaps giving them one more chance to "straighten out the situation" would be in order ? tell them to send out a tech that is competent in resolving the problems/situation you are having (not all techs have the same experience levels) . if they cannot resolve the issue then perhaps a full refund of your costs and switching back to the old provider or another provider is in order .
  22. it looks like the problem is leaning toward the provider's side . however , as david mentioned , the testing with other laptops must be done in a manner very close to that of the "problem machine" . this means that the drivers for the other laptop wireless functions must be up to date and the laptops are running a similar load . to add other posibilities to the causes of the problem : the antenna connector(s) may have disconnected from the wifi module the coaxial cable(s) from the antenna(s) to the module may have been damaged (i have seen the coaxial cables abraded right where they transition in the hinge area) the best way to test the wifi module is to drop another known good unit into the laptop . barring a harware problem ... testing with your sister's laptop for an extended period (say , streaming some youtube or other video) is a good test of the provider's system . at least one other laptop would add more weight to the findings . i am not clear on this point : with your prior provider , was everything working ok ?
  23. /me checks the sky for aviating members of the sus scrofa domestica family .
  24. calling toshiba comes with a price ? wow ... i wonder how they get away with that ? a different tech ... if this was/is the same outfit that you originally dealt with perhaps the word got out that you were not going to simply *go away* ? at the shops i have worked for over the years , if i treated a customer in a manner such as you were treated originally , i would have been standing in the unemployment line in short order . glad you got it resolved (tentatively) ... keep us informed .
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