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  1. Downloaded and ran mbam clean, rebooted, downloaded latest version from malwarebytes . org installed/ updated and now EVERYTHING is back to normal!!! 1:48 am central
  2. Still broken!! 1:37 am central / rebooted and ran updates
  3. danger will robinson, we have an issue!! website blocking disabled!! wont update to new program version..SHUTTING DOWN AND CLOSING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, DONT WANT A REPEAT OF A YEAR OR SO AGO!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Can somebody point me to the latest up to date set of exlusions for malwarebytes and avast, seems like since both programs have been very recently updated I would assume there is a NEW set of exlusions to go thru?? THANKS!!
  5. Are there any FREE anti-key logging progs that are 64-BIT? Also are there any free/legit progs that will detect legit key loggers??? THANKS!!
  6. everything is gravy baby!! Running a full scan now just for the heck of it.So far so good!!
  7. I am getting an ip alert/block when clicking on the following address. http ://forum.planetisuzoo.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2332 As far as I know this is a totally legit forum!! Here is the ip being blocked when clicking the link. HELLO???
  8. ?? I have an old freebie program called StartCop which shows me all of the apps in Windows Startup, their command line locations and the ability to disable/enable/delete them . I assure you MB's command line is enabled and that the .exe file is in the MB directory (dated 1/13/2012). Any ideas?? Many thabnks in advance... I had the same problem here and was finally resolved >>> http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=100777&hl=&fromsearch=1
  9. , to save the CPU performance a little. What you think guys? NO,,,,,,,You need a antivirus program!! I use Avast but there are many differnet ones available.
  10. JUST KIDDING So I just installed the latest version of malwarebytes and everything is A-OK Lets hope this new version solves some problems people been haveing!!!
  11. Did you try it in safe mode? Also I have run into a couple very deep nasty infections that Avast / malwarebytes / avg / superantispyware was not able to fix so I tried a NEW tool to ME called norton power eraser and it found and fixed the problem,generally I don't use any norton products but this power eraser is amazing the last two times I used it!! Here is a link to the Norton Power Eraser. http://security.symantec.com/nbrt/npe.aspx?lcid=1033
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