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  1. I've re-checked the exclusions (all there) - but MAB is *still* blocking Winamp. Any chance of a reply to this? It's driving me crazy. Adam.
  2. I hate to resurrect an old thread like this, but I have the same problem withthe latest/current Winamp (5.092) and the latest MWB - even though I've set an exclusion for it. Also - I have numerous exception reports logged for it, yet none of them show in the "Select identified exploit" selection screen when trying to add an exclusion for a previously detected exploit. HELP! ;-) : Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 10/1/19 Protection Event Time: 10:23 AM Log File: 85068e12-e3c8-11e9-8e19-485b395365db.json -Software Inform
  3. I get LOADS of BSOD's ... most particularly if I use MBAM to scan multiple files or directories. If I scan the same files individually, it seems to work fine.
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