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  1. Pretty much as it says, just select the new size and drag the image or images (Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Shift) to the PicResizer face. By default the new image will be called the original name with small at the beginning. EG: Baby Photo becomes small Baby Photo It is handy if you have uploaded images from your camera to your computer and there are some/many that you want to email to family and friends, the original size will probably take an eternity to upload and send so reducing the size is a good idea. This will decrease the quality but for happy snaps it is usually good enough. Granny is just interested in the smile in the photo not the format of the image There is also the online Pic Resize (no relation) that can resize single or batch images and also lets you save as JPG or PNG or GIF but that will be slower and depend on your feelings on using online resources.
  2. Nice tutorial, I love FSCapture it's simple and easy to use There are a few Settings changes I would add to the tutorial. I can't remember what the default setting for Delay before capture was but I think was too small at 0 (instant capture) or 1. I think it's best to have it at 3 to 5 (depending on your speed around the screen with a cursor ) This will allow you to click on the capture button then drop down a Menu or bring up a balloon etc before the capture happens, these are often the important/necessary items when troubleshooting a problem. Tick the first 2 buttons at Additional buttons on capture panel The first one Open File in Editor (folder image) will let you immediately open the folder that your captures are contained in. The second one Screen Magnifier (balloon image) will magnify (zoom) the area of the screen that you click, you can then drag the cursor around to see other parts of the screen. Right click to exit the magnifier.
  3. Most image viewers will have a Resize option somewhere in the menu, I use XnView and it has a simple Resize as well as many other handy tools. If you intend to do bulk resizing then PicResizer might be what you want. If you want a screencapture program that will also resize, crop, add text etc to any image then FastStone Capture (free version) is great. It's portable so just run it from a folder.
  4. Here you are garybear, still trying to spread your hate for China and IObit For goodness sake, let it go, move on June 10 2010 http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=53466 July 20 2010 http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=57944
  5. This CCleaner feature has never worked for me either, just tried it again yesterday. I have tried restarts, close/open explorer.exe, in all manner of configurations but still no joy Since I have XP I can use the wonderful PastIconsFlusher but this is NOT for Vista or Win7 users Sorry, but I haven't been able to find a quick and easy tool for you early adopters
  6. I can never remember what all those icons do This works for me on nearly all forums. I get to see my name easily and quickly
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