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  1. I'm using Outpost Firewall Pro and happy ^) in first look its a hard and but its realy good work I choise Outpost Firewall Pro for Lifetime License for 3 PCs, renewals nad new versions And Outpost not freeze my old Desctop pc... I lieave MBAM PRO work only in my notebook They have product Outpost Security Suite = firewall+antivirus And free product Outpost Security Suite Free Outpost Firewall Pro is best 4 me becouse i can turn off its features... I mean if i need only firewall - i can turn on only firewall Web-Control: u can put filters and you not see popup's, adverts, and other's not needed banners... U can see logs, ban ip-adresses. You can easy add rules for each aplication what you needed or not needed...
  2. What anti-virus software's you are using? It's not so good - using much antiviruces at one time.. I recomend you download from clean pc and write to cd 1.Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010 go to http://www.kaspersky.com/virusscanner and click to download 2.DrWeb Live CD http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd/ 3.Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 http://rescuedisk.kaspersky-labs.com/rescuedisk/updatable/kav_rescue_10.iso After you maked disks boot you infected pc and launch Kaspersky Removal Tool 2010 from CD if this not help or not launch boot you infected pc from CD and follow instruction - Dr Web, if nothing help or find, boot from another cd - Kaspersky Rescue Disk
  3. Thank you exile360 I set MBAMService to Automatic and MBAM starts fast like i like
  4. i'm installing MBAM and i not have nothing more (AV/FW), Windows Firewall On only ?^) Defender adn Defender processes is complete disablet So i do 1. Uninstall MBAM 2. Restart 3. Run MBAM-Cleanup 4. Restart 5. Using Reg Organizer 5.12 (http://www.chemtable.com/) Free, Tral 30 ays i killing all hude registry MBAM keys 6. Restart 7. Installing MBAM, Updating, Register 8. Restart 9. MBAM Start's First !!!, Great, Super 10. I put Sheduler udater and anoter sheduler - Flash scan at time 11. Restart 12. - MBAM starts much more after PC is starting mbamgui in process but tray ico i see only from 5-10 min after pc is starting So, somthing wrong with MBAM ver 1.50.1 Older version cut banner's on site like rutor.org, version 1.50.1 not let me to go to this site, to get to this web-site i need check box in settings - see baloon if site blocking (or i not be alloved to add this ip to ignore-list) + i need after than restart my pc becouse MBAM continue not let me go to this website (website ip is in ignorelist but restarting needed) So, plz fix thats slow-bugs Now i be disable MBAM from startup and wayting newest wersion of MBAM
  5. I mean what MBAM (for all MBAM proceses and works) use: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of CPU resources - that % is definied by pc-owner P.S. pro version only
  6. Hi ppl Maybe u can do a CPU limit ? Example - Microsoft Essential 2 I think this is be useful
  7. Hope be little corrected in latest versions http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=67524
  8. So how i see on my pc, my pc works slowly with MBAM 1.50.1 PC with MBAM 1.46 works faster and version 1.46 works great to killing ad-banners - example (http://rutor.org) version 1.50.1 not open than site but open if i add it to ignore list - when i see new opened browser window with ad's Additional: I see ico in tray 3-5 min ago after my PC (Win 7 Pro) is complete started So fix it plz and booste performance to pc
  9. P.P.S. Little comments to this - user need choice - like to not see alerts and IP's (in right click on MBAM tray icon), like to not see alerts but like to see IP's, and if user like - see alerts and IP's
  10. 1.User can be manualy add to ignore list IP's and (or) web adress - domain 2.User can be mannualy add to block list IP's and-or domain names 3.User not like to see MBAM Popup alerts about blocked sites but can be have a choice to see thats blocked ip's to add it to ignore list (now user can be add blocked IP's to ignore list only if check box in MBAM option - "see alerts about blocked web-sites-ip's" )
  11. I check where is problem: If i check box in MB options - see popup alerts when site is blocked - i see popup and i can add blocked ip to ignore list too But If i unchek box in MB option - i notl ike to see popups with alerts - and i'm can't add blocked ip's to ignorelist - no choice - i mean i not see thats ip's on right-click on MB tray icon:( So, my Q is: What i can do if i not like to see alert popups about blocket sites - but i need to have a choice to add blocked IP's to ignore list? Plz can u do funktion to manual add ip to ignore list from MB option? Can u add function to MB option - black list ? So user can be manualy add IP's and domain-names what be blocked on user-pc?
  12. I have some problem too No baloon in system tray what site is blocked so i cant click and add ip adress to ignore list and i cant add web adress pressing ADD button in settings Preveus version (1,4x) if blocked site - i see site ip adress in trai And version 1.4x blocked not all sites - some sites not be blocked - blocked only advertisemend-banners content no i cant connect to that site and not see any ip what be blocked i think this is MBAM bug Plz fix it and be best if u add choice to manul add to ignore list www and ip adressens.
  13. he-he. russians ip's ranges detected like malware-exploits range? ty 4 answer
  14. Oh, sorry again Plz check IP: - NOT= P.S. 01:31 morning
  15. sorry, my webshops IP= but if ip- banned - i cant connect to my webshops
  16. Hi Check plz IP, i'm owner of 2 web-shops http://wmauto.net ( and http://pokupkaonline.com ( And i got IP blocking when i try to connect to my webshops plz check that IP for false positive
  17. Hello My suggestion is to add in payments option russian e-money system -> Webmoney
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