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  1. Cant using Shedule Task - when task run - opend UAC permission Yes/No window Can u fix it? Windows Vista 32 Business
  2. Caxap


    Avast is not so good - some games and programs not run becouse antivirus block it or its files-elements Best from free what i tested is Panda Cloud antivirus - small and nice But if u have MBAM Pro u not need it all Pando Cloud Pro 6 monts 4 free u can get from there (need facebook account) http://www.facebook.com/cloudantivirus?sk=app_4949752878 Homepage: http://www.cloudantivirus.com/ My post about Panda there: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=106639
  3. 1.Little freeze on scan (Not Respond) MBAM menu is open 2.Windows Vista Business 32 bit - opens UAC permission window to Windows run sheduled MBAM scan /scan -quick -log -silent -remove
  4. OK, do it around 2-3 days, and test MBAM again how works alone and with Kaspersky I.S. 2012 (Never test it with Kaspersky)
  5. I'm test that problem: MBAM-alone, MBAM+MSE 2.0, MBAM+Outpost Firewall Pro 7.1-7.5, MBAM+Avast 5 Free 1 pc Windows 7 pro - another pc Windows Vista 32bit (exclude MBAM and not exclude) If MBAM not activate like trial or license - all be ok if MBAM active and launc from tray - 1, two or 3 times opens-closed from tray - ok but at 4 or 6 times - get freezing 20-40 sec and just not opens
  6. I do that before writting my post there Nothing help Little updates - sometimes opens good-fast but sometimes is freezing Windows 7 Pro and Windows Vista Business 32 bit
  7. MBAM PRO freeze my 2 pc when i push Open it from tray Need wayt around 20-30 sec when MBAM open's But MBAM protection is realy good 7 days ago i clean my friend pc - kis 2012 not kill all viruces and trojan horces but MBAM kill them all Very impressive, gratz to MBAM team
  8. I test BitDefender and MSE - and not like BitDefender And BitDefender and MSE go slow PC I recomend you to try new Panda Cloud Antivirus (its free) http://www.cloudantivirus.com or u can get Pro version for 6 monts free form their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/cloudantivirus or maybe u like Comodo internet Security Free http://www.comodo.com - another good one.
  9. I tested KIS 2012 and not like it I first all be ok but.... Kaspersky totally crash at 54% of Full scan (turn off defence, license information error after his find some test malwares iin archibe but only 2 from 21 he remov) At 59% of full scan my Win 7 is totally freezed by kaspersky so i try to reboot pc, after 10min afk pc succeseful is rebuted and after restart Kaspersky needed Another trial activation And needed to send to Kaspersky Lab about 2GB of dumps and logs about crash I not like to test fresh product - so im deinstall it and kill all of Kaspersky from Registry, and needed to restore system becouse some Reg-keys of Kaspersky cannot be deleted!? (yes )
  10. Who not update Skype to last version - dont update it Becouse Skype now have additional annoying popup window - Plz Choise You Avatar !!! Press to "Not see this windows again" - not worked
  11. Solwed - thanx for Last Good Configuration strange but system restore not fix that bug
  12. P.S. Or how i can just delete my that not needed profile?
  13. Hi I using Windows XP Home in my old notebook I'm little annoid becouse i forgot one password in my one wireless profile in IntelPROSet/Wireless software How i can delete it? (uninstalling soft and themn installing - i not have original soft installer) Or maybe i can somehow see that password from that wireless profile backup? ( *.p50 file extention) Help plz
  14. Malwarebytes rulezz 4rever ^) Seems to be infected, Clean by Kaspersky
  15. Who using KIS 2012 - you have problems with slow browsing? KIS 2012 - Extremely slow when Internet browsing, Slow browsing after installing 2012 (go back to 2011)
  16. Hello Today go to microsoft page and see new antiviruces software in list http://www.microsoft.com/windows/antivirus-partners/windows-7.aspx I see new antivirus soft like Bullguard,ArcaVir and other Someone use it? AvTest webseite, Windows7, http://www.av-test.org/en/tests/test-reports/quarter-12011/ Someone using BitDefender: Internet Security Suite? realy good? or Kaspersky is better ?
  17. Thank you I got popup in compact mode How ppl say - all that better is enemy for good First Skype be good, small program vor voice call and chat Now Skype have much not needed addons like facebook Ppl do crazy wit social networks If user need facebook - he can just connect to facebook web-site I hope Malwarebyte never integrate in Antimalware soft facebook's and other soc-networks plugins
  18. Thank you, but no solution yet to kill SkypeHome spam popup
  19. Hi Maybe someone know how to disable skype popup Home Window? Every time i start Skype i see popup Home Window - that is annoying
  20. Now Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (KIS 2012) KIS 2011 Anti-Spam not work with some e-mail programs, maybe KIS 2012 be better And read before installing this: Applications which are not compatible with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208281996
  21. Nice new website But plz add info about product version's MBAM current version is x.xx.xxx and version's history
  22. Yea, no 100% anti-virus software How you get infected ? any ideas ?
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