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  1. I had experienced the same issue as OP for the last day and a half, but upon coming to this forum and seeing the first pinned thread annoucing the release of MB v3.3.1, I downloaded and installed it over the top of the old installation and it runs just fine so far.
  2. Ran a scan and left computer for an hour, returned to my system (Win10 x64 v1607 build 14393.576) severely lagging. Used task manager to end Malwarebytes Service (see attached image). Also attached MBAMSERVICE log. MBAMSERVICE.zip
  3. Installed over the top of previous version, and so far no problems on Win 8.1_X64.
  4. WinRAR v5.11 came out of beta today. After installation, I do not experience issues with it and MBAE x.1012.
  5. Could always change the name of the executable in question to chrome.exe.
  6. You know, I haven't even thought about that. In fact, I forgot that I added the custom shield for WinRAR. It does work when I disable the shield, although it worked in previous versions.
  7. Since installing version .1012 of MBAE, WinRAR v5.11 beta 1 will not function properly anymore. I.e. open/extract/create archives via the right-click menu or open the application itself. However, extracting sfx archives does still work. Proper function of WinRAR is restored upon closing MBAE. Logs are attached. mbaelogs.zip
  8. Opera developer v25.0.1597.0 works just fine. As a workaround for the time being, have opera load a blank page rather than the speed dial page at startup or upon opening a new tab.
  9. The same happens on my Win 8.1_x64. I occurred with previous versions as well, but I didn't give it a second thought as I believed it to be something odd about my settings.
  10. Just a shot in the dark here, but sometimes, when copying/pasting (assuming that's how the id/key is entered) a 'space' is added to the end.
  11. Actually worked without right-clicking and unblocking it on my Win8.1.
  12. Just installed the latest experimental build and over the top installation went smooth and without issues. Confirming the wrong version number is still shown.
  13. You are correct. When I posted the above, MBAE showed a shielded app when swriter.exe was opened. Guessing MBAE didn't change the counter fast enough when closing another shielded app prior to LO.
  14. Found it: applications.dat in C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Possibly mbae-protector.xpe in the same directory as well?
  15. Are custom shields saved as a registry entry or a file? It would be tedious to add several custom shields, for example when reinstalling Windows/new computer, etc.
  16. Thanks for the tip, Pedro, but I only use the writer of LibreOffice. Useful information for other users, though.
  17. I added Thunderbird to my custom shields and have no problems with it. Did you change the name of the preset profile "other" to "E-Mail"? Your post suggests that. Maybe therein lies the issue.
  18. I suppose it is the same. Only asked, because previously you only mentioned disabling MBAM's malware and website protection.
  19. More than likely it's because the default paths for log files have been changed in MBAE and MBAM. It's in %ProgramData%, not in %LocalAppData% or %CommonAppData%.
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