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  1. I've read that here before, but have some questions about it. I think many of us have experienced what you wrote, that MBAM often catches malware that the AV programs don't. Has anyone experienced the opposite though--an AV program finding and cleaning malware that MBAM does not find? Tha thas not happened to me yet. Also, is a computer virus not a kind of malware? If MBAM helps protect from all types of malware--that includes viruses, no? Or are viruses excluded, leaving them to the AV apps? If MBAM protects from all types of malware, including viruses, why is a separate AV program needed as
  2. No comment from the software developers, to respond to the fact that background MBAM seems to use MUCH more memory now than it did a couple years ago. If one has running the background all the time an AV software (usually quite bloated) and MBAM (used to be light, but now seems to be heavy in memory usage as well), that will take a very big hit from the system. I woujld appreciate responses from the developers.
  3. Well, I guess "using a lot of memory" is in the eyes of the beholder. To me,a background program using 100MB of memory is far too much. And on a system with only 750MB of memory, that is a real big hit. I would appreciate it if the people from MBAM would reply to this thread. Why does background MBAM use much more memory than it did a couple years ago?
  4. I never heard of any "trojanized versions". AFAIK, there is only one p[ace to download them: www.nirsoft.net Very useful free utilities. As far as experts knowing that your flagging Nirsoft Utilities as "malware" is false positive, and ignoring them, not everyone is that much of an expert, but could still find some of these utilities useful. A lot of people, if on a malware scan, see a list of threats and infections the app wants to remove, most will juct click remove all, before studying it carefully. Then, next time they want to ues the Nirsoft utilities, they will be suprised, no longer t
  5. I'm sorry, Esetish, but that reply is totally unhelpful. I did not ask for philosophizing how no one cares about memory usage any more. I certainly do, or I would not have written the post. I also explained how much memory I have on one computer that I have MBAM background running--750MB, and that is the most that computer (actually this one) will hold, an older laptop. Why do you talk about everyone having 4GB memory, when I specifically wrote that this computer has only 750MB? I hope I get some replies that actually address the issue I brought up? Is background MBAM using much more memory n
  6. The very useful and legitimate freeware Nirsoft Utilities are all flagged by MBAM as malware! (Yes, I know that other AV-malware programs do that too, but that is no excuse.) This has been reported many times. Even if the Nirsoft Utilities have some traits that can get them listed as malware, since I am sure you know that they are not malware, can't you whitelist them somehow? Thank you.
  7. I am a paid user, and bought the product, and have had the background MBAM running for years now. When I started using background MBAM, it did not look like it was using much memory. Today though (I always get the newest updates, of the app and signatures), right after Windows (XP SP3) startup, I looked in Task Manager and saw Mbamservice using about 91+ MB, and MBAMGUI using more than 13MB. Together well over 100MB. That did not only happen today. Every time I have looked lately, the memory usage of background MBAM is very high like that. The computer is on old one, that only has 750MB totak.
  8. By the way, RegDelNull is not a similar product to Regassassin. It is not for deleting a particular difficult to delete registry key. It searches for registry keys with zeros in them, and deletes them. I did a search with it on my registry, and it found no such keys. Mike
  9. In case anyone is curious, this undeletable reg key is in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ActiveSyncWPDEnumerator\UMB\ followed by a very long string of numbers and letters, which I won't type in here, but also includes in the midst of them -ActiveSyncWPDDevice- The values in that key all refer to the WM phone, for which I deleted the partnership.
  10. Thanks for the reply, Samuel. Looking at the RegDelNull page, it was last updated in 2006. My guess is that RegAssassin is newer than that. I would guess that they have strengthened the security in Win7, perhaps especially in SP1 which I have, making it harder for reg keys to be deleted. But they should be deletable, for users who know what they are doing. In this case, I don't know why the particular key is so secure, that I cannot delete it, nr chage the permissions, and even RegAssassin can do nothing to it. In Windows Mobile device Center, I deleted a partnership with my Windows Mobile pho
  11. I am not infected with malware, but yet there is a registry key that I need to remove, in Windows 7. It cannot be removed with Regedit, which will not allow me to alter the permissions, to give me full control. (I am the administrator.) So, I thought I would try Malwarebytes RegASSASSIN. I paste the key name into that app, click delete, I get the warning message, click Yes, and get the error message: "RegASSASSIN could not remove the registry key". I rebooted, booted into safe mode, everything, but always get that same error message. Putting that error message into Google, I see that many have
  12. Why is www.spamavert.com blocked? It is a useful site for avoiding spam. WHen one goes there to check e-mails, one should not have to turn off mbam website blocking first.
  13. Daemon Tools is a very useful freeware utility (paid pro version available as well), for mounting optical drive image files (.iso, .nrg, bin-cue, etc.) to a virtual drive. (I forget what other capabilities it has.) When I went to their download page, to see if there is a new version (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/eng/downloads), I got the message no web page found there. I disabled Malwarebytes website blocking, and tired again, and voila, I quickly reached the page. After downloading the file, I scanned it with Malwarebytes (newest definitions), and it reported nothing wrong. Why therefore, is
  14. I was surprised when I did a MalwareBytes scan today, that it said it found several infections. I thought, good at least that MBAM found the problems, so that it could clean them up. On looing closer, however, I saw that all several files were Nirsoft Utilities. Nirsoft Utilities are excellent freeware utilities, which I would highly recommend. Certainly none are malware. You can see them at www.nirsoft.net. IN looking at their site, I found an interesting blog page, which indicates that they (and other small developers) have had a lot of problems with being tagged malware by AV apps. It is ve
  15. Next time please read the posts more carefully. I wrote very clearly, that I know that is the official position of MBAM, that you need an AV too. Since I already wrote that i knew that, and posted it very clearly, there was no need for you to write that! (But I thought someone probably would say that, who didn't pay attention!) I know that is the official position. OK. That is clear now, out of the way? We don't need to say it again? I wrote that I have gone for months without background AV, but only MBAM, and no problems. I am not jumping to any conclusion from that, just stating the fact. An
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