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  1. Also the team are aware that mbam detects this they do that as malware or legitmet programs can change the settings but if its a legitmet program then the more advanced user would realise and tell mbam to ignore it hope that helps some more, regards
  2. KINS the registry keys that mbam keep detecting is because of system mechanic i have system mechanic on my computer and have ignored them and everything is fine after that please select them and click on the ignore button an once done that click remove and then you can close mbam hope that helps with your problem, regards
  3. thats because you have more options with cis
  4. what you mean you never have to turn it off ?
  5. Is there anyway the dev's could some how make mbam protect users from getting there keyboard and sreens captured and get this implemented if it is possible
  6. there should only be one antivirus installed as 2 can conflict and make your protection level lower not higher
  7. its can be used with any other firewall and i would not recommend it if you have an old ish system as it is a bit system resource heavy but avira antivir personal that is free to use and download is better and it has better dection rates to and comes with its own firewall also i would recommend comodo as thats what i use and its the hole sweet i use not just the firewall hope that helps
  8. I think a mac version of mbam would be awesome and of course that be a life time license to
  9. i checked it at ipvoid and it comes up clean but i will get MysteryFCM who deals with mbams IPBL to help you with your problem
  10. www.novirusthanks.org and the ip is
  11. you can use SAS for that you can download it from superantispyware.com
  12. please mind your tone of worlds and with sp2 installed you dont get any updates to windows so you need to install sp3 or YOU will get infected it not how its just a matter of time. Note There's no SP3 for the 64-bit version of Windows XP. If you're running the 64-bit version of Windows XP with SP2, you have the latest service pack and will continue to be eligible for support and receive updates until April 8, 2014.
  13. i would to as it does sound like your still badly infected or you could reformat but it would not get fid of an MBR rootkit and as you and we dont know if you have one or not still would be the best course of action to get you hopfully up and running as soon as possible
  14. also you should have sp3 for your system as you dont get updates with sp2 installed
  15. is that by the whole symantec thingy going on ?
  16. please do the following skiping any steps you can not complete please read HERE then create a new topic HERE where an EXPERT helper will help you with you problem please dont reply to your post for 48 hours or it will put you at the bottom of the list if no help after 48 hours please contact a moderator and they will help you.you mite want to track this topic so you get a email when the helper has replyed so you can go and follow his or hers instrustions
  17. i would stick with comodo there is still some big this to come with comodo so hang in there "Buttons"
  18. im abit confused as mbamservice.exe does not get flaged sorry just abit confused here i think i will just have to add it to the ignore list and just wait till comodo realses an update and when mbam 1.47 comes out it mite have fixed it self to by then what do you think Ron?
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