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  1. As posted by another user, MP3tag.exe has suddenly been detected (I've had it installed for years without issue). However, the other user did not post the file, so I'm uploading it here. Mbam_Log.txt
  2. I believe this to be a false positive. It seems to be related to the sync servers used by the Zotero reference manager I have installed. In particular, it is the chrome extension which is attempting to connect to this IP.
  3. Fair enough. But I just tested with version and it does not cause the issue. If I get time, it would be faster to do a fresh format than try and solve the event log issues. I've also noticed that one of the other uses reporting this problem is on an almost identical laptop model to mine, and Exile seems to think it's to do with the way the driver shares certain resources between onboard audio and LAN... I don't think it's just the software on my computer causing this problem. I think it's to do with how Asus has chosen to handle LAN and audio on some of their laptops. Anyway, when I get more time I might test again on a fresh install of Windows. Far easier than dealing with all the uncontrollable variables on a system I use every day. At the very least, on my system the newest version of MBAM seems to be far heavier than the past versions when it comes to latency. Thanks for your help, anyway.
  4. @AdvancedSetup: Maybe you missed this portion of my posts, but I'll lay out why I'm about 95% sure a version at least increased the problem. 1) Used website blocking for the past year, no audio stutter, made regular system images in case of issues with my computer. 2) Noticed the audio issue in the last few weeks. 3) Restored my system, from an image made 4 months ago when the system was NOT experiencing this issue. Tested, and issue was completely resolved. 4) Updated MBAM to latest version. Issue instantly returned. Whether my system has other issues now or not is beside the point, because when I restored to a known good point, the issue only returned once MBAM updated. EDIT: Seeing as MBAM's last major version change was at a time when I wasn't experiencing this issue (, I believe), I might just quickly do a test and see if my audio problem changes or not.
  5. @AdvancedSetup: I'm currently very busy with uni and a few other commitments, so I'll hold off on troubleshooting my system for the moment. What I will try, when I get time, is to figure out which version of MBAM first introduced the sound popping on my system. If I get more time than that, I might try a fresh Win 7 install and test for the audio problem again. That would narrow it straight down to hardware, drivers and MBAM as there would be no other potential sources of the issue present. Thanks for your help.
  6. @AdvanceSetup: I don't have time this weekend to try and pinpoint which version of MBAM caused my issue, but here are the diagnostic logs. CheckResults.txt dds.txt attach.txt
  7. @AdvancedSetup: I'll do those logs sometime tomorrow, as soon as I've got some time. Would you like to disable some of the programs I use day to day (Steam, Coretemp etc), check that the issue still exists, and then do the logs? Might cut down on the possibilities for you.
  8. To be honest, if MBAM had heavy DRM I wouldn't be using it anyway. I feel the best way to minimize piracy is to make a good product, support it, and have it at a reasonable price ($25 or so for a lifetime license is an excellent deal). There are many PC games which I've passed on simply because the DRM is so strict or invasive. They lost a customer, and pirated versions are still available anyway. I've also bought games from places like Good Old Games, which offer exclusively DRM free remasters of games. Provide a good service, and plenty of people will be willing to pay.
  9. Are there download sources for the older versions of MBAM? I'm happy to install the last few in sequence and isolate which version it is.
  10. @Exile, Thanks for the reply. As to whether you can fix it or not, I can assure you that this problem was either not present on my machine, or was so rare as to be unnoticeable for the entirety of last year (with website blocking on). So it doesn't seem far-fetched that this is fixable (of course, I don't know the nitty-gritty of why it may or may not be possible). One of the most recent program updates is what has made it a noticeable issue. I've confirmed this by using an old system image with an older version of MBAM, testing it, and then updating MBAM. Something about the new update is causing enough latency to stutter, whereas the old implementation didn't cause problems on my machine. EDIT: Also, given that I can easily reproduce this problem, I'm happy to perform any diagnostic tasks to help you get to the bottom of this, provided they're no too time-consuming or invasive.
  11. Well, I'd definitely like to have a shot at solving the problem. I can make a youtube video demonstrating the problem, if you'd like. It is not related to soundblaster, I'm using realtek onboard audio. If I untick MBAM's website blocking, the problem vanishes completely. Re-enable and the problem returns. I can demonstrate this if you want to see it yourself. I've tested it 10-20 times and it's completely reproducable and related to Malwarebytes. The older versions of MBAM did not cause this.
  12. I'm not using anything that the average user wouldn't be... I'm playing my music library via MediaMonkey from the computer's local drive (no media sharing or anything like that). I've disabled all of Asus' audio bloatware, all I'm using is the standard (up to date) Realtek audio driver. Speakers driven from headphone out (though this also happens with the internal speakers). The audio source is irrelevant however, the problem occurs with any audio playback, from any of my media players. I get the feeling that if anyone else is having this issue, they either may not have noticed it, or not tracked it down to MBAM. It's the last thing I expected to cause it, and it was difficult to diagnose due to how intermittent the problem is. I was only able to figure out the cause when I realised that the action of plugging the ethernet cable in would cause it to happen reliably. This problem is quite subtle and not severe enough to be noticable unless you listen to a lot of music on your computer. The audio might only crackle for a split second once every couple of songs. This never happened with past versions of MBAM, so I'm not sure why one of the recent updates is causing it. (I know it's not a change I've made to my system, because the issue re-occured after imaging my system back to a time at which the issue did not exist, as soon as I updated MBAM). I might test this on a few other systems if I get the chance, and if it is only me I guess I'll have to figure out a way to avoid it.
  13. Hey all, it's been a while since I've frequented these forums. I've been having a strange issue recently (last few weeks?), and I finally traced down the problem... and MBAM is the culprit! Basically, I'm usually listening to music while on my laptop, and lately I've been noticing a very annoying, intermittent crackling sound in my music. I suspected my music player first, but noticed the same issue with different media players, different files and even with the audio from Youtube. It even happens sometimes when Windows is playing one of its own sounds. I tried restoring back to a known good system image, and the problem disappeared... Got all my security stuff updated, and the issue returned! After fiddling around a bit, I've found a way to reproduce the issue. It seems to be related to network traffic. For example, I can reproduce the issue 100% reliably by pulling out the ethernet cable from my laptop, and re-inserting it while music is playing. After a second or two, there will be major crackling and distortion to the audio for a few seconds. If I disable Malwarebyte's Website Blocking feature (paid version, obviously), the issue disappears. I can plug the ethernet in and out without any effect to the audio. Note that this crackling happens when MBAM is NOT blocking an ip address. I've never had any reason to believe that this system has ever been infected, so I highly doubt malware is the cause. I have had Website blocking enabled for about a year or so now, and only noticed this issue within the last few weeks... and this issue was present after restoring my system to an image from four months ago, as soon as MBAM had updated. So it must have been introduced within the last couple of updates. My laptop's an Asus N55SF, running Win 7 64. (4GB RAM, i7 2630QM, GT555M). I use MSE as my AV solution, Win 7 firewall control, and MBAM running realtime. Very little else I leave running in the background. I'd be interested if anyone else can reproduce this issue... Get some nice, clear music playing, make sure Website Blocking is enabled, and then pull out and re-insert your ethernet cord and listen for a crackling noise. This has been driving me nuts!
  14. Nothing was found, but it remained open for at least 30 seconds or so before I closed it. However, I scheduled another scan which worked and terminated by itself so all seems to be working now. Not sure what was wrong before...
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