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  1. Hi, Good news to share : out of curiosity, I tested LO again with the preselected settings (soffice.bin) and , see there, it works like a charm ! (MB - 1.0.236 /LO 5.4.3 x64 /Win10 1709 Build 16299.64). Now, I would like to have your advice : which setting is the best/safest to keep ( preselected on .bin or personal on .exe) ? Thanks !
  2. Hi, Good news to share : I made again a test with DriverMax protected : reverted (install over) to the previous version; MB didn't stop the installation as it was the case before. I then reinstalled (on top) again the latest version and this time too, MB didn't stop the procedure. So, 2 installations worked fine with exploit protection enabled for DM. - MB - 1.0.236 on Win10 1709 Build16299.64 - It seems that this issue is (at least for me and at the moment) resolved.
  3. Hi, As an additional info : there is an official blog post on Technet that explains the situation. Read it here: Clarifying the behavior of mandatory ASLR. The post says: "... The configuration issue is not a vulnerability, does not create additional risk, and does not weaken the existing security posture of applications..." Plus, I read user comments on various blogs complaining that, after applying the proposed (optional) registry fix, some installed software didn't launch or work properly ... (gHacks , winaero)
  4. Hi, Any news concerning this issue ? Thanks !
  5. Hi, 1) right click on the systray icon (notification area) and choose "quit MB" 2) Protection settings > Startup options > deactivate "Start MB with Windows" (it's the 1st option)
  6. Hi bdubrow, That's what I was thinking; thanks for your confirmation.
  7. Hi AdvancedSetup, As for the speed difference, I'll wait for some feedback; no big deal, it's really just out of curiosity ... Thank you for answering and have a nice vacation.
  8. Hi AdvancedSetup, Time elapsed showing up in your log is very low. I had a scheduled Threat scan running in the background (while I was working on the computer) which took 9min, 30sec. As a comparison, I just ran a manual Threat scan (high priority, GUI closed and no other activity on the computer) which took 4min, 9 sec. (see attached logs) Is such a big time difference between these 2 scans normal ? Scheduled Threat scan.txt Manual Threat scan.txt
  9. @bdubrow @BillH99999 Additional information : this seems to be related to the main setting under "Protection Settings" > Scan Options > Scan within archives; if this setting is activated, the log will show enabled. If this setting is deactivated, the log will show disabled (see attached logs). But in the case of a Hyper Scan, it should definitely show as disabled in the log as it doesn't apply ... Main setting scan within archives activated.txt Main setting scan within archives deactivated.txt
  10. Hi bdubrow, Thank you for this useful explanation.
  11. Hi Aura, Thanks for pointing to this other topic. Alright, I'll just switch from the French to the English website for the future (direct) downloads ...
  12. Hi, Just noticed something strange : if you go to the english version of the main website and click "download", you will directly be able to download the latest *.exe installer file. But if you go to the french version of the main website and click "télécharger", you will be redirected to the download page of the cnet.com site instead. The same happens if you choose the Spanish language (I didn't check all the languages; German, for instance, works as English) . Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that this is normal ...
  13. Just an info : looking in older (scheduled) Hyperscan logs, I noticed that this bug was already present in the previous official version 3.2.2. See attached log. Scan log.txt
  14. I found a (temporary) workaround : - deactivation of the pre-selected "LibreOffice" item - addition of personal "LibreOffice" item (soffice.exe)
  15. Hi, I uninstalled and reinstalled MB but this didn't change anything : errors are still listed in the Windows logs. Additional info : I noticed that this issue happens only once after a reboot /shutdown. After the first launch of LO, the problem doesn't show up again in the same Windows session. Requested log files are attached. Update : even after uninstalling & reinstalling MB and LO, the issue is still present. I also attached a screenshot of the problem listed in the Windows logs. mb-check-results.zip Windows logs.zip
  16. Latest version is in fact; you can download it here.
  17. Same errors here in the Windows logs (same MB and Windows version as you, LO 5.4.2 x64). I made an in-place upgrade from 1703 (with an ISO) and did not uninstall MB (just "Quit" on the systray icon) before the upgrade.
  18. Hi, I faced this same issue on one computer. Simply go into MB's settings > application > Windows Notification Center and choose option 2 ("Never register ..."), reboot the computer. Again, go to the same settings and choose option 1 (recommended) and it should work : you should see Windows Defender registered as the AV on your machine. Hope this helps ...
  19. Hi, Just for info : I'm using MB Premium and just upgraded Win 10 1703 Build 15063.674 to Win 10 1709 Build 16299.15 (Fall Creators Update) per inplace upgrade without any problem. I didn't uninstall MB prior to the upgrade and now too, MB is running well along Windows Defender (I left the default settings for the "new" exploit protection included to WD). 'Hope it continues like that ...
  20. Installed over previous latest version without problems; did a restart even if it was not asked for. All settings perfectly retained, no issue up to now. This new version did even resolve a pending issue : A BIG thank to the developers ! (Win10 1703 Build 15063.250)
  21. Good news : the issue is resolved with MB When coming back from safe mode, all protections are now enabled. (Win10 1703 Build 15063.250)
  22. From my first post : " This applies to Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware user guides. " HTML user guides are now OK for Malwarebytes but not for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ...
  23. Excellent @gonzo, thank you ! I'll have a look at it in the next days ...
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