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  1. Mine is the same as yours (and in this morning's scan report it was 1.0.658) but have a look here as a new Beta 4 has just been released. BTW I just noticed you attached a *zip.zip file to your previous message; that's 1 zip too much ...
  2. Component package version 1.0.690 at the moment.
  3. Hi @LiquidTension, As mentioned previously: I don't remember having seen this with the previous version 3.8.3 Yes within Macrium Reflect, I choose the image I want to restore I boot into the WinPE > Macrium Reflect Recovery Environment the restore is made and when finished the system reboots to my login screen after that the error (see screenshot above) shows up in the Event Viewer under Applications & Services Logs/Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-EventTracing/Admin Logs are attached. From the steps described above, you'll understand that I won't be able to do that ... but tell me if you need further informations / logs.* * update: I managed to reproduce the issue with enabled Event Log Data setting in MB (updated logs are attached). mbst-grab-results.zip EventLogs.zip
  4. Hi @grahamperrin Have a look here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/251463-introducing-malwarebytes-browser-guard/?tab=comments#comment-1337198
  5. Hi, Each time I restore a disk image (using Macrium Reflect), the following error concerning Web Protection shows up in the event viewer. And this despite the fact that Web Protection is still activated and running normally (meaning that I don't have to re-enable it). I don't remember having seen this with the previous version 3.8.3 I'm on Win10 1909 - Build 18.383.387 (not insider) but this error was already present with Win10 1903 - Build 18.362.387 (not insider) log from Event Viewer attached This is not really a problem for me (as Web Protection is working fine) but I thought it would be useful to mention it. Thanks for your time ! Event.txt
  6. throkr

    Website blocked

    Thank you, all is fine now.
  7. Alright, I was just curious as I noticed this whilst setting up my (long) allow list in the browsers I use at the moment.
  8. Hi @AdvancedSetup Thank you for another positive feedback concerning this add-on combination. This gives me confidence in running both of them alongside ...
  9. throkr

    Website blocked

    Hi, Be advised that this site is not blocked in M$ Edge Chromium (Beta) and that it shows clean on VirusTotal. I also tested this block page in Waterfox v.56.2.14 with MBG v.1.0.47 (latest possible version) and noticed that the option to continue to the site works but the "Go Back" button does nothing.* * update: tried again and the "Go Back" option seems to work now ... Thanks for your time !
  10. Hi, I have MBG installed in the 3 browsers listed in my signature. While the entries of the allow list are automatically sorted out in alphabetic order in M$ Edge Chromium (Beta)(v. 2.0.5), they are not in Firefox (v. 2.0.4) and Waterfox (v. 1.0.47). Is this normal ? Thank you !
  11. Excellent ! Thank you for this info.
  12. Greetings, Thanks for the (very) fast reply ! Well, this option could become very useful when you have a long allow list and are using MBG in more than 1 browser, which is my case (I suppose I'm not the only one).
  13. Hi, Are there any plans to add an import / export option for the allow list (as a txt file, for example) in MBG for FF and Chrome ? Thank you.
  14. Thank you both for your feedback.
  15. Hi, After reading all the documentation about it, I've decided to install MBG in all the browsers I use (see my signature) as it seems to be a good complement to MB Premium (I'm currently using MB 4.0.1 Beta). However in Waterfox (latest v. 56.2.14), I'm limited to v. 1.0.47 (latest possible version, so I don't benefit from the new UI there). FYI I was asked for an email address during installation in Waterfox and M$ Edge Chromium Beta, not in Firefox. Now my question: I also have uBlock Origin installed; does it make sense to keep both add-ons installed, will they be complementary or can / should I now uninstall uBO ? Thanks for your advices and suggestions !
  16. Hi @bdubrow Thank you for these detailed infos. I'll surely keep an eye on this forum section ....
  17. Hi, Do you already have an idea when the next MB4 Beta will be released ? I read somewhere here that this new version (4) will remain longer in the beta state as the previous versions, but (if my question doesn't come too soon ) when can we expect an official final release ? Thanks for your time !
  18. Hi @TerryM I had a similar problem a few weeks ago with my lifetime license. Just wait for the answer from support: in my case, they blacklisted my compromised license and gave me a new (lifetime) license key. The whole procedure lasted a few days but all is well and clean now when I visit My account. Hope this helps ...
  19. Hi @BillH99999 You're welcome. In case you missed it this is mentioned on top of the reports window: "Scan reports (Last 30 days)" (see screenshot in post #1).
  20. Hi @LiquidTension, thank you. Hi @BillH99999 : only the reports from the last 30 days are kept, so why not keep these (could be useful) ? If not there will not be that much to delete (but OK, that's just my opinion ... )
  21. Hi, I have a question concerning the "Reports" window: what exactly is the usage of the selection box at the beginning of each line ? This was necessary in previous versions to reveal the hidden options (view, modify, delete) but in MB 4 Beta these options are revealed by hovering over each line. Furthermore, they were already dropped in the "Allow list" and "Scan scheduler" windows of MB 4 Beta, which makes sense for the a/m reason. Thanks for your time !
  22. One question: where / how can I see if the update package component is up to date (the main UI of previous versions had a line in the bottom right corner showing this information) ? I know these updates happen every hour (I configured this setting this way) and I can find the details under the "about" tab but that doesn't really tell me if I have the latest package ... Thanks for your time. 🙂
  23. Hi, Well, I think we can close this topic as the new MB4 beta is now out for testing and has a completely different interface ..... (see my comment here)
  24. Hi, I installed MB4 Beta, as a test, to have a look at it. Installation over 3.8.3 without any problem. I like the new interface very much, find it quite easy to use. Made 2 scans (quick & threat) and both completed a little bit faster than with the previous version. No FP up to now. (Win10 1903 - Build 18362.295)
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