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  1. Hi, See my previous post here. I'm now using latest MBG v. 2.1.7 with FF v. 71.0.0 and just noticed that the "Get Full Protection" button is back again..... (Be advised that it is still not there in Edge Chromium with same MBG version). Thank you.
  2. Just an info / update: the scan type is now corrected in the actual version I'm running ( - 1.0.787 - Update component 1.0.16845). Thank you !
  3. In addition to the second point mentioned in my first post, I also noticed in the scanning reports that a quick scan (scan rapide) is reported in type of scan (type d'analyse) as "hyper" instead of "rapide". Thanks.
  4. I noticed that this is now corrected with component package 1.0.787. Thank you !
  5. Hi, The issue reported earlier here is still present. Also in the scanning reports and on the last scan summary window, the time a scan lasted is translated by "Heure d'analyse" but the appropriate term would be "Durée d'analyse". Thank you !
  6. Hi, Just an update: I'm now using MB v. - 1.0.764 on Win10 1909 - Build 18363.476 and the a/m issue is not present anymore. Thank you !
  7. Same here: no problems upgrading from v.4.0.2 to v.4.0.3 on Win10 1909 - Build 18363.449 Pro (non insider).
  8. Hi @BillH99999, I don't have enough reports at the moment to scroll up/down (did a bit of cleaning ) but I noticed that: when I open the report window: all the separating lines are present if I hover over the listed items, all these lines disappear ... I must admit I don't remember if this was already the case with v.4.0.1. Probably not as in the previous version, each line still had a (useless) checkbox at the beginning.
  9. Hi @Gt-truth, (I was also using this browser myself before); precisely for the reasons you mentioned, it would be a good idea to remove this entry from the built-in list (which can only be done by the devs as a user can't remove these entries ...).
  10. Hi, I noticed that Cyberfox is still listed under the built-in protected applications. Wouldn't it a be a good idea to remove this entry in future releases as this browser no longer exists (unfortunately !) ?
  11. throkr

    MBG v. 2.1.0

    I know, already updated to v. 69.0.2 earlier on. Thanks.
  12. throkr

    MBG v. 2.1.0

    Hi, Thanks to the devs: with latest v. 2.1.0 of MBG (Firefox & Microsoft Edge Chromium in my case), the "Get Full Protection" button is gone if you have MB Premium installed (as stated in the release notes). Excellent !
  13. Well, when it works, I find it a very easy and fast way to get all the settings (and lists) back. Until a better way comes up ... That's precisely one of the reasons why I decided to follow @exile360's recommendation, knowing that it would not take much time. But, as said, when it works ..... Anyway starting from scratch seems a good idea and I hope you'll get lucky this time.
  14. @BillH99999, Directly after the clean install, I exited MB (right-click systray icon > quit MB) and then copied the previously saved content of the folders "config" and "scanresults" into the new ones. I then started MB again and everything was fine .... All this logged as Administrator, of course.
  15. Hi, As stated in post #2 above, I firstly installed on top of v. 4.0.1 but then ... So I decided to do a clean install (uninstall using the support tool without reinstallation at the end otherwise - at the moment - it installs v.3.8.3 ); I then followed the indications from @LiquidTension in this topic ( second part concerning the "config" folder) and got back all my settings (including allow list, scheduled scans list and protected applications list). I even imported the list of my scan results. After this I did a threat scan (as this is normally asked after a new install). I just wanted to share my experience as this might help / interest others. Thanks for reading !
  16. Hello @nikhils, Alright, no problem.
  17. Hi, I know that this Beta is still in English only but changing the language to French (and also with several other languages I tried) brings this under Settings > Notifications > Close notifications after ...
  18. Just an update: I checked the page a few times today and the message never appeared again ...
  19. Hello @nikhils, Thanks for this info.
  20. Thanks for the info. I was quite surprised as I didn't see this message when I installed MBG around 10 days ago (I'm running latest Firefox v.69.0.1) and now I know that nothing is wrong on my side.
  21. Hi, When I visit the official download page of MBG for Firefox, I see this yellow message. Why ? If I visit this page with Waterfox, there's no such message. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/malwarebytes/
  22. Hi, I upgraded from v.4.0.1 the same way as Bill did and everything seems fine here on Win10 1909 - 18363.387 (non insider). One question: in the release notes, what is meant by " New check for updates function " ? Thanks !
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