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  1. I have it running together with Windows Defender since years without any problem. Now on Win 10 2004 - Build 19041.264
  2. Hi @FetzBox22, I guess that, at the moment, this item exists in English only, but, at least, date and time are correct (matching with the used language version).
  3. Hi, As shown in the following screenshot, the line "Last updated ....." is not translated (I'm using the French version). Thank you.
  4. Strange, I tried again now and downloads are working fine now... Anyway, thanks for your time.
  5. Hi, MBG (latest v. 2.2.2) is blocking downloads from following site: kcsoftwares.com. Additional info: for me, this happens in Firefox only, not in Microsoft Edge Chromium... Could you please review ? Thank you.
  6. Hi, This update brings back the solved issue mentioned previously here: Thank you.
  7. Hi, MBG (latest v. 2.2.2) is blocking the following site: registry-finder.com. Additional info: this happens in Firefox only, not in Microsoft Edge Chromium... Could you please review ? Thank you.
  8. Hi, Problem solved after updating to the latest beta CU 1.0.860. Thank you.
  9. Thank you, it's working fine now.
  10. Hi, MBG (version 2.2.0) is blocking the downloads from Sumatra PDF. https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/download-free-pdf-viewer.html https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/download-free-pdf-viewer.html Thank you for reviewing this.
  11. Hi @Porthos, Thanks for the confirmation; I had the same guess ...
  12. Hi, I noticed that the scan logs mention my OS as Win10 - Build 18362.720 but I'm on Build 18363.720 (see attached log). Thank you ! Scan log.txt
  13. Hi @tetonbob, Well, I think this is my mistake . After the new installation, I injected (copy/paste) the content of the "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\config" folder (which I saved previously) in order to have my settings again. For the time being, I reverted to an earlier disc image and have now MB as it was when starting this topic: CU version 1.0853 (updated with beta updates enabled) the banner is not translated the new display option "Select Background" is present - Win10 1909 - Build 18363.720 - Thanks for your time !
  14. HI @tetonbob, Requested logs are attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  15. Hi @tetonbob, I'm now on CU version 1.0.853, the banner is translated in French but the new display option is not present anymore (seen screenshots). - Win10 1909 - Build 18363.720 -
  16. Thanks for the fast reply. Close and re-open MB didn't work, so I made a new installation using the Support Tool and updated with beta updates enabled. This didn't work. I made again a new installation and, this time, I was able to update to CU version 1.0.853 with beta updates disabled. This time it worked but I see that the new display option has now been removed ! - Win10 1909 - Build 18363.720 -
  17. Hi, Since this update the message (see screenshot) is displayed in English only (I'm using the French version). I suppose that this is related with the new display option "Select Background" ... Thank you !
  18. @gatortail Thanks for the fix; just updated to v. 2.1.9 in latest FF v. 72.0.2 and the link is not present anymore ...
  19. I got this update through the normal way ("Search for updates") with "Beta updates" disabled ...
  20. Hi, Thanks for the info; I'm now also on this component package. As this is a final version (not beta), shouldn't this topic be moved to the main Malwarebytes for Windows Support forum ? Just thinking ...
  21. Hi @gatortail, I'm running latest version of MB Premium - 1.0.787 with all the protections activated and, as mentioned above, the button is present in FF and not in Microsoft Edge Chromium.
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