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  1. Thanks for the fast reply, but isn't it true that you can only be a victim of such adware that comes from such a downloader if you agree to the terms during the installation? Like for example the extra toolbar that they try to enforce to people who just skip through the installation progress without reading it and accidentally leave the "accept agreement" checbox marked.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some extra info on this matter, recently I used the official Cnet downloader right from their site to download DEAMON tools lite and I've been hearing a lot about their downloader lately, it being infected with malware and so on. I scan my computer with MalwareBytes regularly and it didn't pick this file up as Adware.downloader until the latest update so is this a false positive?
  3. Thank you, thats all I needed to hear
  4. Thank you for explaining and for a fast respond. If I may just ask, shouldn't there be some sort of an information display after a virus was found, telling the person that he needs to head on to the quarantine section and make his choice about the fate of the disabled virus? I might be wrong but I just happened to stumble to the quarantine section, I didn't really have any idea that the program would actually keep the virus in case of a false positive. So for example, if I wouldn't have went to delete the virus in the quarantine section, would the virus reactivate itself if for some reason the program would be uninstalled from my computer?
  5. Hi, recently I happened to detect a virus on my laptop with your anti-malware program, anyway after the initial full scan I followed the instructions and the virus was neutralized, also I had to restart my computer in order for the program to fully destroy the virus, or so it said. Anyway, after the restart I went to the quarantine section of the program and I noticed the virus was there, or at least the description of it saying the virus is quarantined. Because I made a mistake of miss reading the quarantine information, I deleted the virus thread thinking that that was necessary for completely cleaning up my pc from this threat. Anyway this leaves a question, Did I by deleting the thread of the virus in the quarantine section just enable it to spread through my pc without the program of ever reading it as a potential threat again? I ran the program 3 more times with full scan and it didn't pick anything up again. So, is the virus still on my pc and the program is ignoring it? I also installed "spybot search and destroy" program after that and did a full scan with it and it didn't pick anything up as well. Am I safe or not?
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